Friday, June 12, 2009

Pseudo adulthood.

I have been a VBB (verybadblogger...) but I have so much going on that's I've just been wayyy to busy.

Most importantly, I have a new job!!! No, not Louie's.  I'm done there.  BECAUSE I got an offer from a portrait studio up in the city (okies: way up there....almost Edmond). AND I start Tuesday.  I will be photographing families and babies and peoples and I am excited! It's not what you would consider putting my degree to use, but lets face it: I wasn't really wanting to do that!

The move (June 1) did not run, as one would say, smoothly.  I was an idiot and did not reserve a U-Haul.  So, when I went to the U-Haul store to get one, I had to have it back by 1 (t minus 5 hours).  I immediately freaked out: Thad had to be at work for a meeting at 10 and I have A TON of stuff.  Drake was called to help with the heavy lifting and we got the big stuff out and over to my new place.  U-Haul returned by 12:45.

HOWEVER.  There was still at least 5 SUVs of stuff left at my old apartment.
AND I hadn't cleaned there.
AND I hadn't cleaned at my new place.

So the moving/unpacking proceeded amidst cleaning at both places.  I slept little and worked a alot.  I would love to say that I am done, but I'm not.  I will post pictures once I am done (which will be I AM HOPING either Monday night or Wednesday night).

I do love my new place as much as I expected I would!!!  It's adorable and old and full of character and it feels more like a home than an apartment.  I needed that.

Some problems included: 
  • The kitchen was cherry red and hideous.  It is now a deep olive green and beautiful.  YAY!
  • There was a leak in the kitchen sink/disposal that was dripping into the basement.  Yes I have a basement!  (Bring it on, scary OK weather!)  This leak was creating a foul smelling mess.  TODAY the problem was fixed (well, Wednesday plumber, Thursday clean up, Friday more clean up) and I now hope to have a clean smelling basement (and less flies at nighttime...)
  • Pests.  A few cockroaches (I don't do cockroaches).  A few spiders (I definitely don't do spiders).  Some ants (which are now gone thanks to ant killer box thingies). HUNDREDS of flies.  They like the basement.  They do stick to the bathroom for the most part, but I have to seal up the edge of the house with that yellow expanding foam stuff and close up the basement with duct tape (so that it may be easily removed should there be any dangerous weather!!).  No rats or anything, so that's good!!
Other than that I love love love my new place and can't wait to share pictures! (I should be unpacking right now, but oh well)

Louie's was fine the whole 3 weeks that I was there.  I gave them my two weeks notice the day after I found out about the job offer at the portrait studio.  They thanked me by not scheduling me the second week.  COOL.  

So, I have not had anything official to do all week.  Just set up my new place (which is never-ending).  I havn't been going out much or having fun because I'm stressed about getting unpacked and settled in before starting my new job, but I also havn't been completely productive either.

As for this weekend, I am off to Dallas to get stuff out of my parents' house so that I can finish my place here!!!


  1. i didn't know you had a blog! i subscribed immediately! haha i can't wait to see pics of the new place! :) congrats on the new job! (ps. the pics on the side are SO cute!)

  2. ooh i saw your comment on laura's blog and i just knew it was you!! i also subscribed immediately! i am so glad you have a blog too! love you!

  3. thanks girls!!! looking forward to more updates from the both of you!!