Sunday, March 3, 2013



  1. minus the speeding ticket and the bad food, it sounds like a great birthday!! glad you enjoyed it - wish i could have come down for it! i know what you mean about birthdays as we get older.... but here's to a great late-twenties! :)

  2. haha ya sounds like a great time!

    and i've been in my late 20s' for like 10 years now. they're pretty great! i honestly would go back to my early 20's if someone gave me the chance!

    i'm glad you had a nice time with the whole weekend though! brunches and stuff are the best!

    miss you

  3. I agree with what I think brad meant to say. There is nothing we can do about getting older, so might as well accept it and get drunk. I hope this attitude of mine lasts into my 90s. I never want to fear being old, just look forward to new experiences that come with age. I really can't wait to be an old crotchety nurse and tell some people how I really feel. Then I can't wait to retire.
    Sorry, Your blog somehow turned into my blog!
    Happy birthday! I'm glad you had fun!

  4. i think it sounds like it was a great birthday! it upsets me that people around our age hate their birthdays. i think we should always be celebrating that we have experienced one more year of life. i mean, i look around at work and see so many kids that dont get that chance. we shouldnt take it for granted. love you!