Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pinterest Recipe Successes

I love trying new recipes, and I love when I get it right.

I usually end up looking for recipes on Pinterest for things approved by the masses. Over the past few months, almost every meal I've cooked has been new with the exception of your standard baked chicken, Taco Monday (every Monday...) and a Pot Roast I made for New Year's Eve! These are some of my favorites that I can't wait to make again.

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken 

I thought it was odd that Southeast Missouri State's Continuing Education Department had a food recipe on their website, but who am I to judge? This meal was incredibly easy, delicious and healthy-enough to cook over and over again.

I'm sure you could try with whatever your favorite wing sauce is, but I love Frank's so I stuck with their recipe. We ate ours Sloppy Joe-style on hamburger buns with tator-tots on the side (not healthy anymore...whoops)

Chicken Rollatini

 Source: Gina's Skinny Taste

The first time I made this meal, I lost it. It tastes too good to be true! Coming from Skinny Taste, I was impressed at how guilt-free this meal is. It's become my favorite meal to make, and one of our favorite meals to eat. The prep work was a little intimidating because I wanted the rolls to be perfect. Even if they aren't beautiful, it will all end up tasting delicious. The balance of flavors is perfect!!

I almost always use Bertolli Olive Oil and Garlic if I'm using jarred marinara sauce.

This is pretty filling, so I usually just made a salad to go with it.

Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup

This stuff is made super fast to make, and filling enough to have on its own. It's basically tomato soup with pre-packaged tortellini (any variety you like) with some Half and Half and sun-dried tomatoes. Even though I normally don't like sun-dried tomatoes, the flavor is just right in the tomato soup. Tastes fancy with hardly any effort!!

Garlic Pesto Chicken with Tomato Cream Penne

This is the best meal I know how to make!! I would make it every other week if it didn't take the forethought of marinating the chicken a night ahead. I have a salad mostly every night with dinner, but no other sides with this entrée because I just can't stop eating the chicken.

All of these recipes are starting to look very similar, but I adore Italian-style cooking.

Parmesan Broiled Tilapia

I almost didn't try this recipe because it uses mayonnaise, which I thought sounded disgusting broiled...but when the recipe only called for a 1 ½ tablespoons (which I cut back to a single tablespoon of olive oil-based mayo), I figured it was worth a try. I also use olive oil based butter from Land-O-Lakes.

It was.  This meal was easy, delicious, inexpensive and healthy. I ate two fillets and served with steamed broccoli, and will continue to use this recipe. I buy tilapia frozen, shhh!

I love seeing friends post new recipes that they love! Please share with me any of your favorites on your blog or Pinterest page!

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