Monday, June 15, 2009

This weekend was freaking exhausting.  I'm exhausted.  From the exhausting weekend.

Thad and I went down to Dallas.  After a MUCH later start than we had hoped, we arrived in Frisco for a massive shopping run around.  If  you've ever been to Frisco, you know that this is easy.  We got there at six and everything closed at nine, and didn't get NEARLY enough done what we needed.  I did, however, get a new rug and window blind for my bedroom at Ikea (which will be posted when the digs are done), a new pair of slacks at Banana Republic, and a new dress for Erin's wedding from the Gap. Yayyyy! More monies gone!!!

THEN we rushed to my parents' house, got ready as quickly as lightning, and dashed to Fort Worth.  Fast adjectives.  In Fort Worth, we went to Pete's (Dueling Piano Bar)  for Megan's 22nd birthday.  The friends were a blast (especially them getting on stage to dance Thriller...), the drinks were good.  Had several. Hop Skip Jump to the next morning, and then there's the hangover.  Crap.

Crap because Sunday was supposed to be a very productive day.  Pick up U-Haul truck (

  • Just so you know, $150 for a one way from Carrollton to Norman, $50 for a HALF of a tank of gas (good thing we only used half)
Apparently my credit card knows how to vomit up money, because I sure can't.

U-Haul takes an hour or so because my iPhone cannot decipher where there is construction.  Maybe Carrollton should just not have construction on the roads every freakin' time I'm down there and this wouldn't be a problem.

Return to the house to begin sorting through about 15 containers of crap from my childhood.  I am very happy that my mom brought them all out to the front living room to make it easier. Start sorting. Sort sort sort.  Keep 10%, Toss 90%....but this takes time. And it's emotional.  I often tie memories to things, so I keep things in order to better remember. I am a pack-rat like my dad.  But I have a really good memory.  I don't need those things.  And I don't have a ton of space nor do I want to have a ton of storage space to keep it all. So I sorted for a while and it broke my heart.

Best moment of this: a video of a doll with a music box inside that sways to and fro.  I'll post it later. I used to have an extensive doll collection.  Now, they creep me out.  Wonder why???

Then, off to storage.  Correction: off to my parents' two storage units that are a good 15 minute drive apart.  Sort through dirty, dusty, rodent poop filled storage units and sift through what is mine.  I was completely successful, minus one unattainable box.  The best news was that I found a rubbermaid with a couple of things I had been missing very badly!!! YAY!!! These included, but are not limited to, my favorite candle stick, Monopoly, Friends trivia game, a pretty tin box, my candle hot plate melter thing, and a box full of VHSes. Also, pick up the dryer.

Back to the house to load the washer and armoire.  I am too weak for that sort of thing, so I'm glad Thad had some help from a neighbor to take care of the armoire.  I don't care to guess how heavy it is, but it's heavy.

Then back into the house to finish sorting.  I got the fifteen giant containers plus the 6 or 7 boxes from storage down to 5 boxes plus 5 from storage (storage boxes weren't sorted).  It was as exhausting as it sounds.  5 LARGE rubbermaids full of trash.  A large under-the-bed rubbermaid full of stuff for donation.  1 box of "this isn't mine and I don't know why it's here".

The hardest part of this was going through the stuffed animals.  I had so many freaking stuffed animals, and this bunch was already narrowed down to the ones that I couldn't part with.  I kept 5.  They are now safe in Norman, with my other stuffed animals (Total is 10 but I bet you can't find them).

Then a yummy dinner at i Fratelli's in Las Colinas.

Then back to Norman at 7 this morning.


I have been unpacking and putting things away all day!! I have sorted through all of those boxes from storage that I didn't get to: 1 shoebox of momentos/keepsakes from childhood, some more Christmas stuff, two boxes of books and clothes for donation, 3 full boxes of trash and/or recycling.  I kept so much crap as a kid. I did find my old roller blades, which still fit.  Thad is scared to let me wear them (I probably will break something...and he's right, but this sounds fun).

And tomorrow I start my new job!


  1. thanks for coming to my party! glad you had fun!!!

  2. this sounds like an intense day! good luck with your first day at work tomorrow!