Saturday, January 9, 2010

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I'm so bored. I have nothing to do.

scratch that.

I have plenty to do, I just choose to do nothing this moment in time.

Yesterday sucked. I hate that outlook, but it did.

I woke up way too early, cleaned, and then I went to go get my car cleaned. I picked everything up and put it into a laundry basket (since I had been living in my car for the last 2 months, this size was necessary), then vacuumed it out. It was really cold outside, of course, and my legs started hurting. Being as tough as I am, I continued my mission to clean my car. I then put 3 dollars in quarters into the car wash station hose. !@#!@!@#!@# It was frozen. It was not frozen a week ago!!! It was not frozen right after the snow! But it was frozen the day I actually needed to clean my car. Nevertheless, I abandoned the car wash station. On the way home I realized that my legs still hurt. Without a current mission, there was nothing to distract from discomfort turned to adrenaline rising pain ALL OVER MY LEGS.

Since it felt like I was being eaten alive by ants, the first thing I did once getting back to my apartment was strip down. No ants. Then, I started scratching...WHICH HURT. Then I rubbed half a tube of hydrocortizone all over my legs. Then, I noticed the welts on my legs. wtf. I was having an allergic reaction to the cold. Yes, it happens. At least, I'm guessing this is what happened. I had large hives all over my legs, and it was gross. I took a benedryl, napped, and woke up to non-welty bliss.

To rest my body after the recent trauma, I sat on my couch watching E! for the next 3 hours. Then I bought my new computer to make sure that I would be happy with my decision to get off my butt.

As night fell, I really wanted to go out. I was about to start making plans...when...*gurgle.* My stomach kept me in (and up) all night :o(. You don't need any more details.

Needless to say, yesterday sucked.

But, I AMMM excited for a couple of things.

  1. Dallas next week
  2. Tucson next week
  3. School starting soon
  4. My new Macbook Pro!!

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