Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Is this not the most fabulous website ever?!?!

I just fell in love with

It's my #1 Favorite New Website.

Coincidentally, I found #1 Favorite New Website courtesty of my #2 Favorite New Website....

It's a really good thing I'm broke so that I didn't try to buy everything on here :o/...

I must have this.


  1. Would love to check it out.. your link didn't work: ( How is your computer?

  2. fixed it!!!

    and my computer is amazing. we should get on ichat sometime so i can talk to babies who can't type :o)

  3. sweet pic for the blog, with the blockers on!

    somethin about large semi-candid photos...

  4. I love your blog background. And I love that website - it distracted me at work a few times this week, not going to lie.