Friday, March 19, 2010

Project 365


Day 20: Stayed in bed almost all bad as my dog CAN be, he is so sweet when he cuddles. Be it on the couch or in bed, he is calm and precious.


Day 21: Nicole & I made croque madames (well, mesdames...) for dinner!! Sourdough bread, swiss emmentale cheese & ham, topped with an egg. Delish!!!


Day 22: Lunch at Pad Thai, then to the Library for a beer! Followed by me passing out for 2 hours and getting nothing done all day.


Day 23: Nicole went to The Mont for A (ONE) SWIRL. We each had three. What a night!


Day 24: No St. Patty's Day events for me. N & I were going to go to O' Connell's for "lunch" before she had to work. Plans were cancelled due to previous nights activities. My dog seriously needs a haircut.


Day 25: How incredible is this?! Taken in my car with my iPhone through the moon roof :o)


  1. So did the sandwich thing come from your cookbook?!!!!! You are so coming here for a week in the summer so we can "French" cook!

  2. no the "sandwich thing" is our (nicole and i) favorite meal in france...a staple!!!