Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break

I plan to update my Project 365 within the next couple of days, but this is about spring break.....which started about 5 minutes ago for me :o).

I woke up at 5:00 this morning b/c I couldn't sleep. After fighting it for 30 minutes, I decided to work on my online statistics class. Luckily, after 3.5 hours, I finished my assignments for this week!!! (I had an extra exam due this week :o/)

So, begins my spring break.

I'm not going to lie, I wanted to do something fun. Nothing really presented itself until about a week ago, but I decided to pass...not because of the money, but because of my motivation.

I have determined that this will be the most productive spring break ever.

Outside of possibly/probably going out on Friday &/or Saturday night, I plan to be sooooo productive & I can't wait!!!

I plan to write a 10-15 page research paper, subject Mass Communications Law: Fair Use and Copyright Law in Published Photography.

I plan to write at 5,000 words of another research paper, subject Business of Media: Work & Personal Life Balance for Working Mothers in Media Leadership.

I plan to do my taxes.

I plan to train my puppy (b/c he has puppy class graduation on the 25th!!).

I plan to redo my Business of Media midterm. Yes, the grades were THAT BAD.

I plan to get as far ahead in my statistics class as possible.


I plan to ride my bike.

I plan to go to Old O'Connell's for St. Patrick's Day....I've never been!!!

I plan to have fun if & when the opportunity presents itself.

I am so excited for spring break.

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