Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Product Placement

I don't know how often I'm actually shocked by how well a product works, but today it's worth blogging about.

Has anybody seen this commercial?

I had seen the new products before the commercial; initially I was interested, but decided to hold off. More than likely, they wouldn't work. When I saw the commercial, I was even more interested by the Spin Pin (the 1st product).

Last night's late night Wally World run brought me into the hair accessories aisle. I caved. $5.62 seems like a bit much for a fancy bobby pin, but what the heck. I tried it...

...and I instantly fell in love.

My hair is super super thin, so buns are kind of out of the question. I guess my hair just isn't sturdy enough to help the bobby pins out. The Spin Pin not only held a bun in didn't move throughout the entire night. I woke up this morning with my bun intact.

Also, because you spin the pin into your hair, it's also kind of fun to put them in.

Bonus: no "bobby pin headache," no "elastic crease"

Good job, Goody!! This product WORKS!!!


  1. I had not seen the commercial... and now I want them all!!

  2. my friend molly was telling me about the spin pin a few months ago and i completely forgot about it! i need to get some!