Friday, July 9, 2010

"Whatever Makes You Happy"

I'm going to try something new. Instead of being frustrated about things I'd rather not happen, I'm going to try and accept "whatever makes you happy." There are plenty of pre-existing things that I have not, despite enough mental energy to power Eurasia for a decade, been able to embrace or accept, I've decided no new things be added to the list.

Yesterday was a horrible day. Everything kept going wrong in addition to a new development that I'd rather not have happened. I lost a reasonable amount of sleep the night before and last night, & I'm done with it. However, I know me; I can't just let things go. So, instead of harboring negative energy about it or letting it continue to bother me, I decided on my way to work this morning that I would just accept "whatever makes you happy." As a bigger bonus, I hopefully won't be frustrated decisions that other people make that I cannot control.

I hope this isn't too passive for me (passiveness tends to build, then escalate, then exponentiate if I do nothing about it)....I'm hoping it's more of a way to find peace with reality and be glad that the people in my life are making decisions that make them happy.

And, maybe, I can start thinking "whatever makes you happy" about things in the past that I'd rather not have happened the way they did.



  1. i think its good to think like that as long as you are able to truly feel like that. other wise it may just be pushing it off until it builds up and explodes.

  2. I'm worried about that, too. I'm hoping I can focus more on others being happy with their decisions even if it's not how I would have wanted things to work out. Kind of a "put your self in their shoes" mentality when I can't be truly pleased with the decisions other people make.