Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 20 (September 26, 2010)

I can’t say that anything interesting at all has been happening in the online dating world. I’m still picky. I’m still talking to Pete. I’m still not interested in 99.9% of the breathing men on this planet.

I haven’t seen Pete in several days, but he and I have both had a ton going on. He took a weekend speed course this weekend and has had zero time for fun. I’ve basically been spending my time laying around and writing the first 10 pages of my term thesis paper (due Tuesday by 9 p.m.).

I did, however, send a reply message to the only attractive and normal person I’ve found on there in the last week. I sent it back, knowing that on his profile was a bombshell that I would normally consider to be a deal-breaker. Maybe I was bored, maybe I wanted something scary or a little exciting. Maybe I wanted something that wasn’t like any other guy I’d dated. Anyway, I broke the deal-breaker. Does that say something? I didn’t break a “looks” deal-breaker. I didn’t break a height breaker (even though that’s one I just can’t seem to get over….). I didn’t break a religion deal-breaker or an age deal-breaker or any other normal breaker.

So what was it that let go of that was so not like me?

Wait for it. He's divorced. Sometimes, I surprise myself. 

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