Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Recap & Welcome to 2011

My only resolution for 2010 was to make it better than 2009.  While 2009 was without a doubt a big year for me, it was hard.  It will more than likely be remembered as one of the hardest years of my life (along with 2001...the year of heart disease). In 2009 I had foot surgery and was mostly bedridden, I was depressed, I had no money or plan after I graduated, too many loved ones lost their lives (a cousin, an aunt, my dad's best friend and our family cat) & my relationship with The Ex ended (though the drama wasn't over). I was so ready for 2010 to be a new start! I told myself at 1:30 a.m. on January 1st, 2010 after celebrating NYE at a strip club (weird) with my boss (weirder) that I would make 2010 better.

I think I did the best I could, and 2010 was not too shabby!! I have a long way to go to get my life to where I want it, but I'm also refusing to not make progress toward that goal everyday.

So, here's a recap to all the big stuff of 2010:

I quit the job I hated, I made a trip to Tucson to see Jaymee and the kids, I got into a pretty nasty car accident, I started graduate school working as a research assistant, I bought a Macbook Pro (truly life changing), I turned 23, I started Project 365, I dated some people, lots of friends got married (Jessica and Brian, Kelly and Micah, Stacey and Jeremy), I learned to cook several new dishes, including Italian Pork Chops, Saffron Rice & Shrimp, Eggs Benedict, Chicken Marsala, Homemade Artichoke Ravioli, Pesto Chicken Pasta and  Stuffed Mushrooms, I started my new big kid job, I moved to The City, and I decided to make a change about two weeks ago...:o)

But, now 2010's over, and I kinda like it.  I like having a fresh start. So here's to 2011!!

I am so thankful that I got to ring in the New Year with my amazing friends in Dallas! The whole weekend was a blast and I'll always remember how great this NYE was.

My resolutions for 2011:

1. Run 365 Miles in 365 Days (or earlier...)

This is in lieu of saying "be healthier" or "exercise more"...having more concrete numbers I think will give me something to work toward and is more realistic for my lifestyle than P90X or something similar. I got 1.5 miles in today!! This goal also includes a six pack by summer, but I'm not making that official :o).

2. Read 12 new books

One a month is fair! I used to read a lot more, but when I realized I've only finished one "pleasure read" since starting my new job (vs grad school reading), I need to make this a bigger priority because I love it so much!! I already know a couple to finish, which are barely started so they count!:  Honeymoon with my Brother by Franz Wisner, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson and probably some Chelsea Handler.

3. Learn 12 new recipes

I got the Julia Child's cookbook last January and have only used it to learn how to poach an egg and how to make Hollondaise sauce (oade to Benedict). I love learning new recipes and this is the book to do it!

4. Spend less time online

Unless I'm actually talking to people on Skype because I consider that quality time. FB stalking = time wasting.

5. Keep dating, find a someone who sticks.

This is pretty self explanatory...


...and build my savings.  This means shopping for clothing less. :o(

8. Keep a weekly photo blog!

365 was so much work, especially when you're working a full time job and don't have time to have fun all the time.  Now that I got my new camera, I'm looking forward to taking some new pictures.

9. Blog better.

I like the idea of blogging more, inviting new people to follow me, and having fun with this. I hope to include some new topics to talk about in addition to photos, organizing, decorating & cooking (like I do already). We'll see....

10. Keep making each year better and better!


  1. I like that you recapped the past year - puts things in perspective. I think your resolutions are great... very actionable! I predict they will all come true!

  2. this has inspired me to try and think of things!