Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Since Brad asked so nicely...

Does this thing work?


  1. i really like the handwritten idea i think that it's legible, but maybe you could make the photo of your note (that's what i'm assuming you're doing) a little bit bigger? that would make it much easier for me to read! sorry if that makes me sound super old...

  2. I like the handwritten too! It feels like I can see you writing it which is cute :) You could expand the width of the center column and it will probably show the whole thing - I can help you if you need help! YAY blogging! and Yay goals!!! :)

  3. I changed the layout of the original posts to be split up (and therefore larger), but I think maybe it would be better to just write bigger.

    The larger I make the original pictures, the worse they I think I'm just going to try to keep them portrait screenshots of the app and write bigger. Hopefully that will look nice.

    Thanks for your input guys!!