Sunday, February 10, 2013

Picture Tour of the Katy Trail

University Park Thankful for rubber!!
1.5 miles...I love the bamboo These dead trees may be the only evidence that it is still winter in Texas
I am not fast, so this was a big deal! My first -30 min/3mile!! Snyder's Union
I love this part! It starts to get very desert-y. Lovely Trees near Reverchon Park
The W. This is definitely the end of the "good-pace" portion of my run.
I think it would be fun to climb this wall one day.Somewhere in Oak Lawn...
I decided to turn around at this point and not run that hill.Lovely fountain.
There are little hidden exits all over the trail. I'm assuming they lead to peoples houses and geo-chaching treasures and places that people relieve their bladders when emergent.Townhomes line the east side of most of the path.
Missing rubber.These are my favorite bush along all of the trail. Does anyone know what it is?


  1. i love Katy trail!! loved the pictures. and WOOHOO for doing so well on your run! Next weekend is going to be such a great accomplishment!

  2. aw that's really pretty! lots of variety!!!

  3. i like that you included photos. it helps me picture your runs better! im glad you have an nice trail with great scenery to run along!

  4. that's so cool that there's a place like that for you to run so close to your house!