Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life Lately!

I'm not in the mood to go out to my car to get my iPad (I really shouldn't leave it in there), so I'm just going to type.  I think I'm a little bit over the handwritten entries because it is exhausting to fix typos that I find after I post and it feels a lot like work lately since I am writing in that app constantly. Also, I have a hard time staying focused on one single exciting thing at once (see this post). Basically, and this goes against everything I know about good blog writing, I'm just gonna do what I am in the mood to do in order to get these things written without it feeling like an inconvenience. Blogging is supposed to be fun, right?!

I love reading all of your adventures and activities and it makes me miss you all so very very much.  I loveLOVELOVE my life in Dallas, but I miss good 'ole Oklahoma a lot of the time.

Lately, I have been going through the motions to get through the days. I could be so much better about living in the moment, but I've been living for the weekends as a chance to relax and not be stressed to the maximum. Then I end up trying to fit in so many exhausting things that I wear myself out before the next week begins.

I love my job, but I also lovehate my job. Since starting there two years ago (tomorrow!), I have learned a lot and gotten really good at what I do.  I have a well-established and respected position in the company, and I appreciate that it isn't boring.

It's never ever ever ever boring. Not for one second of any day because THAT is how much stuff I am trying to manage as a single 40 hours a week person. I would like to be a tad more positive when I'm running around like a crazy person and trying to fit too much work into not enough time, but it's hard to make every other person's #1 priority my #1 priority also.

I work hourly, so there are days when I simply cannot fit everything in and eat lunch, so I skip lunch (I eat, but I don't stop working) and get off at four...or I work until 5 anyway and enjoy getting done at 2:00 many Fridays, which is exceptional. That is the second best part about being hourly...the first is that there is a limit to how much I can work so I don't burn myself out.

Do you know what I do? It's hard to explain, so maybe it would be easier to just look at my LinkedIn profile. (Yes, I just did that).

My last three weekends have been so exciting! Lately, my habit has been to get as drunk as possible while attempting not to black out and while minimizing the hangover as much.  It is what it is. Dancing helps prevent hangovers, I've noticed, because I sweat more and don't have nearly as much time to drink.  Also, when I do drink I end up spilling it all over myself. Luckily, a lot of friends here like dancing crazy so I don't have to worry about trying to impress anyone.

February 28-March 2
Friday night I ran 11 miles after work and learned to never ever ever do that again. I ate like crap all day and wasn't hydrated enough, so I spent the rest of the night curled up in a ball instead of going out. Saturday I chilled during the day and attempting to drink my body weight in vodka that night.  I didn't succeed, but I did manage to give myself a raging hangover that kept me in bed until 9:00 pm Sunday. I also ate a large Papa John's pizza by myself.

Billboard on the Katy Trail

March 8-11
I took a four-day weekend to treat myself to a vacation to visit Kirsten and Preston!! It was the best weekend ever! I was so shocked about how many fun activities we were able to fit in to such a short amount of time. In the interest of not making this the longest blog post ever, I'll do that in my next post!

March 16-17
My family came in town! And great friends! And it was St. Patty's Day (aka best drinking holiday in Dallas). I spent the morning and afternoon watching the parade with my cousins (Jaymee and Jonathan), my uncle Donald, Jaymee's husband Billy, my mom, my dad and Jaymee and Billy's four kids (Baylee, Devynn, Trynnity, Prestton). We had a great time, then had lunch at my apartment and everyone fell asleep. That evening I went out with friends in from out of town, went to dinner with them, then stayed out all night.  I had been up since 5:00 am for a long run, so being up until 3:00 am the next day was a little much. I woke up hungover and did a girl's day at the mall with my mom, Jaymee, Baylee, Devynn and Trynnity.  Trynn and I split off so we could get our nails done and I had a really nice day despite the nausea.

ParentsJaymee & Me
MeeshMichele, Lori, Me & Katie!
Mani Time!

Overall, this is a pretty depiction of how life has been. Trying to fit in as many exciting adventures as possible is exhausting, but so worth it.  I'm so happy I have such a great life and such wonderful people around to make it all that much better!


  1. Love the photos! I can't wait to read more about your weekend in CO - Kirsten told me about some of it and it sounded FANTASTIC!!! I'm glad you are enjoying life - you seem to have a work hard, play hard motto - good for you! I hope I get to see you soon!

  2. love love love this post!

    my favorite is your method of not having a hangover, mainly the spilling most of your drink hahahaha

    i miss you a lot! come to phoenix and dance crazy with me!

  3. i liked this post a lot! sometimes it's nice to just get the feeling of blogging out of the way, when really you're writing a great post!