Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Had Enough With Too Much

A few weeks ago, I officially moved in with my boyfriend. I had been staying there most of the time since we got this little squishy face in January, and it definitely didn't make sense for one of our apartments to be uninhabited all of the time.

Most of my belongings are in storage for the time being while waiting for his lease to expire...9 weeks from today (not that I'm counting or anything). Basically, there was not enough room for the stuff that was currently here, let alone more stuff.

Since it will likely still be very hot when we move, I didn't have any need for winter clothes or anything like that. That being said, my clothes/shoes/bags are CRAMMED in the hall closet along with his extra shoes, a cooler, some random doo-dads, the toolbox, etc.

I am using a small dresser in the bedroom as a nightstand for some of camis, tees and unmentionables, but everything other essential I just cant live without is in the closet stuffed with care into bags. Heaven forbid I actually need a bag (like I did last weekend) or something at the bottom of the bag (like I do basically everyday).

10 dresses
8 dress slacks
4 pairs of jeans
6 long sleeve blouses
15 short sleeve blouses
10 sleeveless blouses
6 cardigans
2 blazers
Workout clothes and swimsuits stuffed in my workout bag
Scarves stuffed in a gift bag
Shoes stuffed in a weekender bag
4-5 clutches and wallets for going out

Well that's embarrassing.

The closet was simply too crammed, so I ventured to Wal-Mart (normally, the store is too chaotic for me to stand) and got this little treasure on Roll Back. It was $17, and I knew it would fit well in the small space. 

I first took everything out of the closet and made sure that the dresser would fit  through the door frame: PERFECT! 

Then I got to sorting:

Shoes went first. My clutches and belts fit, too!

Workout gear was second. I will probably move my running shoes into this drawer eventually (you know, so I don't have to work that hard to go workout).

Scarves and bathing suits went third.

I put the toolbox on top of the dresser. While it's a little taller than I had hoped and is brushing against the bottom of my clothes, I didn't even realize this happy mistake...

...I can roll the whole thing out when I need to get to the toolbox! Before, I had to take everything out of the closet to get to the toolbox, work on the project with stuff everywhere, then put it all back in reverse order. It was totally frustrating, and I usually just ended up throwing stuff in haphazardly.

I'm pretty happy with my little $17.00 project that really only took about 15 minutes to get the closet organized. While it may be a fix to a very short-term problem, the closet had been out of control for about 5-6 months and I'm sure we can find a use for the dresser in another closet at the next place!!

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