Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I wish I could post this without complaining...

OK.  So much happened in the last 12 hours that I don't know where to start.

First, my itty bitty allergy attack turned into a BIG NASTY SINUS INFECTION.
  1. i feel lovely...or not
  2. i hate mouth breathing
  3. my head feels bloated
  4. my nose feels constipated
  5. i am a miserable and needy sick person
  6. my boyfriend and friends are afraid of this infection.
  7. not so perfect timing in the semester (remember the whole sleeping 16 hours a day thing? I CANNOT MISS ANY MORE CLASS)
  8. ive gone through an entire roll of toilet paper blowing my nose
  9. vicks is good.  and so is nyquil.  thats about it.
Second, I cancelled my job interview today.  After thinking about it, I realized that this company hit my gut as not being everything it was supposed to be.  Let's flashback to December/January:

Ace International promotes themselves like a great and fantastic and superdeeduper international marketing/advertising firm.  I get excited when they offer me a job...until I find out the job is selling AT&T services DOOR TO DOOR. Basically, they lie/cheat/beg to get people in the door.  Turn around rate is something in the neighborhood of 99.99999%. Crushes me. Sad. Still no job.

Well this company, reminded me of Ace Int'l a little too much.  I was skeptical, but maybe it would work out and wouldn't be a scam. Nonetheless, 11:00 pm rolls around, I feel like poo, and I want to make sure that me waking up and putting on a happy face is worth it.  I do a little more research. Yup.  A scam.  While this isn't door to door, it is business to business. Selling coupons. NONONONONONONONO. So I called this morning, politely cancelled with "I don't think this is the right company for me" and fell back asleep to my sinus infection.

Moral of the story? I am not going to settle for a terrible terrible terrible job that I am going to hate.  I would rather work at Petco (Where the pets go...) with a friend (Lawrence) then have to be that person everyone hates for interrupting their day.  I already did a telemarketing job for OU last fall and it was horrible. I want strangers to like me, not try and find out the quickest way to get rid of me. This is not asking too much.

Third, I was supposed to finish a paper last night and didn't so now I'm hoping my professor understands when I email him the paper this afternoon instead of yesterday afternoon.  I don't feel good and I'm sick and that's my excuse and none other. Or I'll just go to his office with my snotty nose and explain.  I think that would be convincing.

Fourth and Finally, I need to go to the store.  I am out of toilet paper (see above) and other things.  I am dreading this beyond belief (see above). Ugh.

PS: Happy Earth Day!!

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  1. Guess what...I am sick now too!!!! And about your paper, mmmmmm... Would now be the time to say I told you so?
    As for the job, there will be others. Now if you have time/ energy to blog go work on your paper- yes that is the big sister in me telling you what to you more!!!