Thursday, April 23, 2009

Making blogging a habit...

Oh I love being sick....!!

I am actually feeling better tonight.  I HAD TO after all.

I woke up at six this morning so I could finish my paper.  I planned this ahead last night, set my alarm, and had all my papers ready to go.  Six o'clock rolls around, I wake up, and I FEEL TERRIBLE.

So what do I do?

Nope, I didn't go back to bed. I wrote the stinking paper.  But I was coughing a ton, my nose was drippy, I couldn't swallow and felt like I was running a fever, so I did NOT go to class.  But I finished the paper. It took me three more hours, and then went back to bed.  My amazing friend Nicole (who is in each of my 3 Tuesday and Thursday classes) took me to our later afternoon class.  I wasn't feeling better but the coughing had subsided so I new there was less potential for germ-spreading and lecture-interrupting. And I missed this class twice last week because of what I am starting to think is CFS.  So I needed to go.  I went.  I coughed (not too much). I blew my nose (enough). I even made a few comments.  The best part was that my professor thanked me for coming even though I felt (and looked) miserable. 

**I have to say that this is the only professor I have ever had that does not make you feel guilty for missing and does show gratitude when you are there.  Usually its one, the other, or neither.**

After class I came home, took a shower (with Shower Soothers, which are incredible when you have the Crud), and got dressed up. I had somewhere to go!!!

You see, Thad and I share a best friend.  All three of us were all buddy buddy for about a year freshman year, then when Thad and I started dating and Drake stayed around the new couple.  After a few months, Drake got used to the new "situation" and now it's all old news!!  Drake's our third wheel but not in an awkward third wheel sort of way.

Well, usually if there is a "fun opportunity" to do something but only enough tickets/space for only two people, the combinations are either Thad + Alisha OR Thad + Drake.  Well, tonight was fun 'cause I got to hang out with my buddy in a two person only "fun opportunity" situation.

Anyway...Drake's parents bought four tickets to see THE LION KING!!! Drake's brother backed out, so Rog and Carol (the said parents) told Drake to bring a friend.  Drake's girlfriend (Kate) lives in Illinois, and I guess he figured it was my turn to go have a "fun opportunity" for free, so I went with Drake and his parents and we all had a great time.

Plus, only two coughing fits throughout the show.  The kids behind us made more noise than I did.

Thad hung out (well currently he still is) with some friends tonight.  I wish he could have been there, but still had a great time!

But, now, I am super-duper exhausted (and more body doesn't love me right now but I didn't want to call in sick to the night's events) and ready for bed.


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