Monday, May 11, 2009

And if you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans..

Time check.  12:11 am.

French Literature Final. 8:00 am.


Well here's to my "final" finals week.  One final down, which went well.  One final in the morning, which will go just fine.  One final on Wednesday which will be easy "as piss," according to a fellow classmate (sorry for the PG13 Jaymee).  

And one big fat hairy nasty French capstone paper.  It's not even CLOSE to being done.  I have about 8 pages handwritten.  In English.  And I have some books.  UGH!!  I'll get motivated when I'm out of time.  Right now I'm just plum exhausted.

No, not tired.  That would require my energy level to fall.  But exhausted works.  College is exhausting.  Yes.  WC = good. 

  • WC in America: word choice.  
  • WC in France, and most of Western Europe: toilet room.  
  • I was referring to word choice. The other is good too, though...
So, referring to my Blog Title, there are some "things" (read: plans) that are up in the air right now that are stressing me out just a bit...but I'll post more when said "things" are said and done (or said and started, if you're feeling optimistic).  It's cool.  I'm fine.  Thad's fine.  Thing's are fine, just inconclusive.

So, on a lighter note, I am working on a list of things that I learned in college (that maybe you didn't need a classroom to learn).
  1. The "common sense" rule that libraries are quiet places does not always apply. (I don't like this)
  2. "Stealing" tv from the internet isn't so bad.
  3. The food you cook yourself will always taste better than fast food.
  4. Bedtimes aren't just for babies.
  5. Clean toilets make all the difference in the world.
  6. You can never have enough blankets, hoodies, or sweatpants.
  7. There will always be some people who you can never keep happy.
  8. There will always be some people who don't need you to keep them happy.
  9. There will usually be 1 or 2 people that can always make you smile.
  10. Take more photographs.
  11. Though I usually don't eat much in a given sitting, my stomach is an endless pit if Papa John's Pizza is involved.  I embarrass myself.
  12. Most people don't care as much about everything as much as I do.  We should all try to meet somewhere in the middle.
  13. Whatever you wanted to be when you were 10 is probably what you're going to want to be when your twenty (two) took me the extra two years to figure this one out. Ouch.
  14. The best classes aren't always associated with the best career paths.
  15. My really good memory is hauntingly good....and it doesn't go away when I want it to.
  16. Taking yourself out of the comfort zone is the best thing anyone can do.
  17. Doctors aren't always right.  WebMD isn't either.  
  18. I'm a neat freak like my mom, and a germophobe like my dad.
  19. I'm orderly like my mom, but a packrat like my dad.
  20. My nails are overly oily.  Nail polish doesn't stick to them very well. Nor do acrylics. Sad.
  21. Trying new things is the zest of life.
  22. Too much zest isn't always so good.
  23. I hate to tell you.  Americans are unhealthy.  The options in America are unhealthy.  McDonalds in Europe has significantly less fat and calories. Go outside.  Walk to the store.  Eat more fruit.
  24. I used to think that I'm a "loner".  I'm not.  I just have really bad social anxiety.  I'm afraid of people.
  25. The length of time spent procrastinating is inversely related to how fast you finish the dang thing! (ie papers and other time sensitive material.  taxes.)
  26. Classic > Trendy
  27. Go to the same hairdresser.  Every time.  It's worth it socially AND hairily (???)
  28. Don't speed.  It doesn't cut down on time all  that much, it's not worth it if you get caught, and the scenery is nice.  SLOW DOWN!
  29. People sometimes tell you to "know your limitations". OK.  This is good.  Knowing your limitations so as to not get close to exceeding them is good.  BUT....knowing your limitations so you can push them is not.
  30. If I don't take care of my body, it punishes me.  Be good to yourself.
  31. Nyquil IS "the best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine."
  32. Sticking up for yourself is healthy.  Sticking up for someone else is brave.  Do both.
  33. Responsibility is rough, but rewarding.
  34. Stop looking.  It will find you.  I don't know how to stop looking; but once I do, it's gooooood.
  35. I can go about a week without washing my hair, but not without washing my body. (Well I knew the latter half, but wanted to assure all of my readers....)
Okay I guess 35 is enough for tonight.  I have a headache and I need to go to bed.


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