Saturday, July 18, 2009

random things

I am having an odd time adjusting to being independent and other things associated with graduating from college.  Not terrible. Not great.  Just odd.

I love being done with work when I am done with work (read: no homework).

I like making good money and keeping it.  I like doing with it what I please (after rent and bills, etc.)

I like thinking about longer term plans.  Where to move,  what to buy and when, and other adulty things are quite exciting.  I feel free.

I am having a hard time with my work schedule.  I think that working a 9-5 M-F job would suit my personality so much better.  11 hour days are rough.  Working weekends are rough.  Not always having two days off of work to recuperate is ROUGH!!  I guess this isn't a characteristic of adulthood in general, just of my beginning experience.

I am terrified of paying off my student loans.  Yuck.


Thad just got back tonight from a 4 day trip to Chicago for an advertising conference for his job.  Having most of my friends moved away or out of town PLUS Thad being out of town lead to some lazy and lonely nights.  I did stay up reallyyyyyy late one night and cleaned the whole apartment.  I also spray painted a crappy end table to be a better end table, and I used appliance epoxy to paint over my dryer (was almond, is now white).

Funny story about the epoxy.  It's like spray paint and spray adhesive in one.  I prepped my work space and all of that, but not myself.  I got epoxy (paint+glue) all over my arms, on my feet, and in my nose hairs.  It was a bit ridiculous and took some scrubbing to remove,  but came off pretty quickly.

I also found out from a maintenance guy here that there had been a carbon monoxide leak in the house from before. SO I'm guessing that is why Thad and I had been feeling faint the first few weeks after move-in.  This made me really angry, and worried that it didn't set off a carbon monoxide detector (because it doesn't exist).

I think that the curious part about living where I do concerns a neighbor.  The neighbor has a pet rooster, which is funny to begin with.  The rooster crows all day long.  It's not annoying, it's just funny.

Anyway.  Goodnight.

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