Friday, August 7, 2009


This has been such a frustrating week, for 4 reasons. All of which have to do with being healthy.

First, I got sick on Saturday. I woke up, had a sore throat, couldn't breath, and I needed to leave for work in an hour. I called into work, said I wouldn't be there, and went to the doctor a few hours later. Apparently, I had an allergic reaction to something, which developed into a sinus infection, which developed into bronchitis. I felt SOOOO bad, and I could not stop sleeping!! So, I got off work for Sunday too (but didn't get paid....), and we are closed Mondays. Tuesday and Wednesday were so hard at work (especially since every other employee was sick too...), but I finally feel 100%!

Second, Thad & I have started P90X!! Now let me clarify: I'm not trying to lose weight OR get TonyHortonRipped. I just want some more definition and to be healthy. I think it's a great program since neither Thad nor I love working out at a gym (specifically The Huff), and since I have had such a hard time running since my foot surgery. But, the workouts are fun and challenging AND done in the privacy of my living room.

Third, my time has been consumed with the inevitable fact that I will no longer be under my parents' insurance as of the first day of the fall semester. Easy enough: go find new insurance. Luckily, my job provides me with tax-free health insurance reimbursement allowance each month. It's generous to get everything one needs out of an insurance plan, so yay! Too bad we have to apply on our own. Medically, I am an undesirable 22 year old. I'm not pregnant. I don't smoke, but every company declines me because of pre-existing conditions and medications. I make too much money for state insurance plans and medicaid. My last option is to stay under the same coverage that I am currently on, under COBRA, but pay the hefty penny associated with amazing coverage. That "hefty penny" costs close to $400 a month. ARGJHASDSADL. More than double what I am allotted. OUCH! It hurts my pocketbook AND my self-esteem. :o(.

Finally, my Great Aunt Birdie died on Wednesday. It's been a sad couple of days for my family, and another cousin just passed two weeks ago. I can't go to the funeral because of work (I missed ALL of last weekend for being sick, remember?). I've been really conflicted about not being able to go ON TOP OF being sad that she died.

Best week ever? No.

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