Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rainy Day Blues, but not yet FREEZING Rainy Day Blues

Things that have me down today...

The Rain:

Well, this only has me down partially. It IS freezing rain, therefore there is the potential toFREEZE....but the rain can very easily get me feeling blue. *exception* during the summer, when we could all use a break from the heat & it's warm enough to go outside and play */exception* This "Rainy Day Blues" syndrome was a big problem in France, as it rained every 99% of the days I was there. As of this second, the freezing rain is just rain. If it doesn't get cold enough, it has the potential to become really cold annoying rain that I have to walk in to get to campus.

The Freezing Part:

Or, the not yet freezing part. School is not yet officially closed. I'm waiting. I check in about every minutes. I keep looking for a text message from President Boren (It sounds so much more glamorous to say that it is "from President Boren" than to say it is "from the University email system," no?). What if nothing gets cancelled in this one little block of Norman, OK? Norman Public Schools are closed. Moore Public Schools are closed. OCCC, OCU, OSU & UCO.....are all closed. Why are we always the last to close?!?!

What If We Don't Close?:

If school is open, I have a test today. If school is open, I still have homework to finish. If school is open, I have reading to do for my night class (which surely will be should be snowing by then!). If school open, I have a tres important group presentation in my night class. I am not yet fully prepared for any of these yet. I can be & I will be if the need arises, but it just seems like a non-important stress factor. I tried to get everything done anyway last night. I was just too tired.

What If We Do Close?:

My list of things that I need to get done today, whether school is open or closed, is nearly identical in length. I need to spend a little bit more time finalizing the group presentation. I need to finish reading for my night class (I am certain we will get another reading assignment for next week, so I need to finish this weeks). I need to do my Mass Comm Law homework so that I don't get behind. I need to work on the website for the State Grant I am working on for one of my GA assignments. I need to do research for my other GA assignment. I need to read for the forum I volunteered to participate in. Basically, my list goes on and on and on whether campus is closed or not. I have things to do. I could put them off, but I stress out when I procrastinate. Let's avoid stress, k?

My List of Things:

My very long list of things to do is, just like everyday, preventing me from having a good time most of the time. I use my lists as an excuse to make myself a hermit. I have told friends that they need not ask if I would like to go....tell me to go out. I will find a way. Even if there is stress later on, I will find a way. But if people ask if I have time to go out, the answer is, almost always, no. I never have time. I try to fit too much into too little of a window. I am overweight with responsibility. The first thing to go is always social, and I truly, truly hate that. I want to change, but it's hard.

Oklahoma Natural Gas

I dread getting my ONG bill when it's this cold all the time. My bill this month? $193.07. Really??? It makes me want to cry.


This is what my car looks like.

I got into a bit of an accident last week. While I am thankful that I have car insurance, I am not in the best position to pay the $500 deductible after my car gets fixed. While I was faced with the option that I could total out my car and take the money, I am really not in a position to make even a small car payment since deciding to be in school this semester. If I were working, it would be a different story.

P.S. Other than a bit of whiplash, I'm fine. That's a lot to be thankful for.

Luckily, my mom loaned me her car until I get mine back since she rarely if ever drives.

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