Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm posting again.

School aka work was cancelled, so in an attempt to be in a better mood, I am therapizing(new word, made it up, call webster).

For me, cleaning is so so sooo therapeutic, especially when it's not rushed or stressful. I enjoy cleaning, and I enjoy when things are

After doing some reading this morning, I decided to clean the bathroom before I took a shower.

Then I realized that Tucker needs groomed. I'm not going to clean the bathroom and take a shower before I groom the dog....that would be silly. So begins my afternoon.

Begin with dog. Okay, Tucker was not
ridiculously long, but it had been a long time since he had been groomed. Early November, I was in the process of painting my bedroom. Tucker was in the process of playing with paint. I ended up having to cut him very s
hort to get the paint out. He really needed to be bathed, but I figured I might as well give him a trim and make him look super purty.

Dog hair that ended up in the sink. Most ended up on me or on the floor.

Trimmed but still dirty puppy.

"Mom, stop. I don't take pictures of you right out of the shower."

And, Jaymee, everyone knows that after you dry your hair, you may need a few touch ups...

Time to brush his teeth! Beef flavored toothpaste...yummm!!!

Our least favorite part. Pedi paws. The damn thing scares me just as much as it scares the dog, but it does have a nice end result.

Now that the bathroom is covered in dog hair, it was time to go ahead with my original plan....clean the bathroom.

Much better! Clean sink, clean mirror, clean toilet, clean shower, clean floor...ahhh!

I also moved my washer and dryer. Behind it, I found 2 hangers, a box of dryer sheets, a bottle of Nyquil, Pledge, Swiffer Dust & Shine, a Clorox bleach pen, a comb, trash, 2 used dryer sheets, 3 pairs of paints, 6 mis-matched socks, a bra, and a cleaning rag. No money. Darn.

As I went to return my bathroom cleaning supplies to under the kitchen sink, I was faced with a nightmare.
Have you ever had the experience when you put something into an already full cabinet only to have 2 things fall out in its place?

So I emptied out the cabinet under my kitchen sink. I was faced with another nightmare. I hate the pepto pink that my cabinets were a few generations ago. Frankly, I hated everything about under-the-kitchen-sink. Convinced that I would keep under-the-kitchen-sink cleaner if it were prettier, I decided to do something about it.

First I primed.

Then I painted it. I love fresh white paint. I love it. White is such a lovely color, no?

Then I put everything away. My mom always laughs at how many cleaning products I have. I love cleaning products. When I find something I like, I want to tell the whole world, "Yes, the commercial is right...this is the best toilet cleaner on the planet."

Anyway, here's what I had: 7 cans of spray paint, a giant bottle of ammonia, 5 bathroom cleaners, 4 different bug killers, lamp oil, a box of brillo pads, 3 sizes of trash bags, 4 air fresheners, counter cleaner, 3 glass cleaners & windex wipes, clorox wipes, 3 bottles of dawn (2, 95% empty, were thrown away), goo-gone, 3 hard floor cleaners, 3 carpet cleaners, 3 cans of pledge, Swiffer Dust & Shine, Stainless Steel cleaner, Febreeze & wet sweeper cloths
It looks so much better!!!

And, so does Tucker!

Now, my apartment is trying desperately to lose power (*flashback to December 2007, Finals Week*). Hopefully this won't happen, but I have had 5 or 6 blackouts and up to 5 minutes without power already.....


Okay, more studying.

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  1. hahahaha I love the picture of him when he's wet! and he looks so happy all clean and fluffy :) well done.