Friday, January 29, 2010


It's SNOWING and it's BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE the snow and I HOPE it never stops because it's just so darn LOVELY!!!!

This afternoon I went to campus with my friend Drake and took some pictures of campus covered in snow. I think OUr campus is pretty on the nastiest of days, but this is something else!

Drake and Me!

Hiding in the icy-branch jail cell.

Me Outside of the Library

The Library

I wish I could take the credit for this clever snow blob....I found him on a hedge.

Back in the car, covered in snow!

At my apartment, I took Tucker out....there were lots of pictures, but this one was my favorite!

PS I started painting my kitchen cabinets today!!!


  1. So glad it is you and not me. I am still wearing my flip flops: )
    Send pictures of the cabinets!!!! AND of the cork boards...

  2. these pictures are so adorable! i'm sad i'm missing the snow :(