Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So, it's been a while, huh?

After my wonderful cousin, Jaymee, called me out for not updating my blog in at least 4 months, I decided to make a post. I am not making any resolution to blog more, yet, but I can make a post.

So much of my goings-on (going-ons? goings-ons?) have been top secret. Sort of. I made a really big decision a while ago to go back to school. Well, this has been hush-hush at work (so that I would not get fired), so I didn't feel like posting information about it all over the internet. Well, word got to my manager, and I got fired yesterday. This was one week before I had already planned on quitting, so I'm not too upset.


I've decided to return to OU, and I'll be working toward a Masters degree in Journalism with a concentration in Mass Communication Management. I also have a fabulous assistantship lined up to take care of tuition (tuition waiver!!), to pay the bills (monthly stipend!!) and to keep me healthy (health insurance plan!!)!!


Now, instead of going through the last four months, I'll just put up some pictures. Nightnight.
My new puppy, Tucker
Tucker in his Christmas pjs

My family came to visit in October!

My photos are unorganized. I guess I'll have to post again soon!

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  1. Yes i bugged you about blogging... but what the fudge?! Where is all the good stuff. Shirt, sweet and nothing. UGH!!!! Guess I will have to wait till your here next week.... A+ for effort: )