Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Joyeuse Anniversaire?

No post-its yesterday. Sorry.

Yesterday was a no-good-very-bad day, which was made better after celebrating Mardi Gras at Bill's. $1 beers. Awesome.

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about my birthday. Anybody who has been around me as my birthday approaches knows that I love my birthday...I love ALL BIRTHDAYS!....but this one's not that exciting *sad*. 23....I remember Brad's 23rd birthday....his cake said "Only 7 more years 'til 30!" It was hilarious, but please nobody put that on a cake and force me to eat it.

I'm having a little get together....which everyone is invited to, of course (that means you, Jaymee & Laura...Callie, you're coming a day later!!!). Other than that, no big deal. Ugh. I hate being older. I don't feel old. I certainly don't look old (Even though I was id-ed at the bar last night, the bartender asked to see my id AGAIN...she would not take the smiley-face stamp as proof of my legality). I have a whole lotta nothing figured out about my little old self.

Anyway....I'm doing My Year In Pictures to celebrate my 24th year. I hope I don't fail or give up after 2 weeks. I'm really really excited about it, and I hope that not every day is just a picture of my dog. *le sigh*

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  1. i completely understand how you feel about turning 23. i had the same strange feeling when my birthday started to get nearer. i still kind of feel it.