Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've never had good luck with wireless internet.

In high school, we always had issues. Big expensive router would not work when we needed it. When it did work, it was only because it had just been restarted.

In college, I lived in the "old" dorms/non-renovated room without wireless internet. I also went at least 6 months not realizing that my wireless was turned off on my laptop.

Later in college, The Reserves didn't have wireless internet.

Even later in college, we bought a fancy modem+router gateway....made by Linksys, so enough said. It stopped working after a week.

Then I went to France. No internet in the dorms. They later added internet to the main building. The same week my laptop broke. (FML)

I came back from France, and then I was poor. There was this major economic catastrophe in America, which you may or may not remember. I was stuck with the same modem+router that either needed to have an Ethernet cord or be restarted every 2-15 minutes.

Then, I graduated college. Poor again. Love the Ethernet cord stretched through my apartment so I could use my computer in bed? No.

Then, I had this great idea!!! I could go BACK to college, get an AWESOME assistantship to pay for school AND give me lots of money for living expenses. No job, just school. Lots of money saved up. THEN......


Airport Express. Why spend $50 on a decent wireless router when you could spend $99 on one of the best wireless routers out there? Definitely worth the extra money. I love it. I'm writing this in my kitchen. No longer do I have connectivity issues. No more cables. Lovelovelove.