Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am addicted to decorating&design. Honestly, I would love to do this for a living more than anything else.

For some people, it is not worth it to spend a lot of time or money decorating a rental space, but it is for me. Most things are ones that I can take with me. Everything else (falls under the category of paint) IS waste of money....but I don't care. So what if I've spent $50-$60 and TOO MANY HOURS painting my place....the process is as good as therapy for me & I enjoy my rooms so much more after the fact!

I haven't even showed the kitchen, which I finished last weekend. When I moved in, the walls were cherry red & the cabinets were yellow. I think they were going for "crimson & cream," but it wasn't working. Plus, the paint was peeling.


No, thank you!

Isn't the pink great?!

I painted the kitchen walls 2 weeks after moving in to "Sycamore Maple," a mossy green. I worked well with the pale pale yellow. I SERIOUSLY thought I would be able to resist painting the cabinets. Nope.

I love it!!! Now I just need to find a new floor mat and get my cutting board!!

A few weeks ago I had told myself that the FINAL project in my bedroom would be the headboard. I would get a few more throw pillows and new pillow shams...but that was it!

Nope. First, I found a body pillow cover that is fab-u-lous. If I were to take a picture, it would just look black. However, it is plush with a floral pattern on it. Only $10!!

Then, I realized I wasn't enjoying my vanity because of bad lighting. Surely every girl knows how important good lighting is for natural looking makeup. Surely every decorator knows how important good lighting is for a room. I was overdue for fixing both of these issues! I found these wall lights at Ikea!!! $16.99 per far as wall lights go, a steal. I had my dad picked them up, and he helped with the install them while my parents were in town this weekend.

Pretty, pretty, pretty

I also had to rearrange my wall collage because of the new lights and because the shades were covering up 2 of the photos, so this took awhile! My favorite part is the cord covers. For $5 a piece, these are paintable plastic cord covers that stick to your walls. This is great for cord management & for people who aren't able to do integrated lighting/wiring. I'm a fan!!!

I feel like a princess!! I enjoyed getting ready SO MUCH the last two days!

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