Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Clean a Room in 10 Minutes or Less

I'm really good at cleaning...I'm quick at it, & I really HONESTLY enjoy it. The only problem is that I am "stretched too thin," as are most people.

So here's how I clean a room in 10 minutes or less. Much of this is common sense, but I like to make cleaning a game (I have a couple of different games to make the process easier, particularly for bigger messes projects). I'll call the room being worked on the "project room" to avoid any confusion when I talk about other rooms!

1. Put on some music that will keep you moving & that always keeps you in a good mood. Nothing too romantic, nothing that will relax you too much, ABSOLUTELY nothing that will make you cry.

2. Set a timer (on your phone/microwave/whatever) for 10 minutes. This serves two purposes...
  • Psychologically, a race against the clock will help you stay focused...I enjoy competing against myself.
  • If you finish before the 10 minutes is up, go work on another room!! See how much you can get done.
**If you don't finish in the 10 minutes, you can either keep going or decide to call it quits (as long as you know you put forth 10 minutes of hard work, you'll feel better about it!

3. Start by removing anything that does not belong in the project room.
  • This will get rid of some of the clutter. I usually just throw it in a pile in the next room (unless it is already clean). My goal is usually just to displace the mess but completely clean ONE ROOM at a time.
4. Go through all other rooms and collect anything that does belong in the project room.
  • If you're going on a cleaning spree of room after room, this should make each consecutive room, technically, easier than the one before it! Basically, once I'm done with the bathroom, the bathroom is closed. I can then go on to the kitchen. Once I'm done with the kitchen, the kitchen is closed, etc.
5. Put away things leftover in the project room.
  • Yes, this is the most obvious part. However, all of the extra clutter is gone and everything that belongs in the bathroom is efficiently already there.
  • I usually quickly put everything into one big pile, then sort zones (ex. closet, right side of room, left side of room, trash, etc.). I can more efficiently put things away if everything in a small pile is going to the same place.
6. Use quick-clean items, like swiffer cloths or clorox wipes, if needed.

7. Run a sweeper/broom/vacuum over the floor. This makes such a big difference!!!

8. Spray room with febreeze &/or air freshener. Also makes a big difference!!!

9. Light a candle, if you wish, as a finishing touch!

**Of course, 6-9 are optional & in addition to getting rid of little messes, but are great finishing touches to make your place seem welcoming, clean and cozy.

10. You're DONE!!

This is not about a perfectly clean room! That can take me hours. This is all about making a big dent in a short amount of time.

If you're in for a real challenge, adopt the same concept, set the timer for 15 minutes, and do this through your entire apartment/house. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference it makes....but it's so worth it :o).

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