Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mommy, WOW. I'm a big kid now.

So I think I decided something. Well, there's a couple of decided things. This post will take care of two, maybe three, of those cliffhangers from a couple of days ago.

First off, I am most likely not going back to school to continue my master's program
  • Unless I don't find a job, then I'll continue. It's paying the bills and is free, so I really can't complain too much except that I hate it
  • Unless I decide that I want to switch concentrations (currently media management, Prof. Jim Avery has half convinced me I NEED to be in strategic communications [PR+Advertising])
Second, I just TODAY decided I'm not going to find a job in June. I was planning on something rinky-dink like HobLob, McAlister's, etc. However, it was only going to be for about a month, because my summer schedule looks like this.
  • May 14-27 FREE TO WORK
  • May 28-31 Memorial Day Weekend/Float Trip?!?!
  • June 1-10 FREE TO WORK
  • June 11-22 Women's Leadership in Media Project (Gaylord, part of my assistantship, getting paid)
  • June 24 (ish)-July 5 (ish) Spending constant time with the lovely Fisher Family in Dallas.
  • July 6-_______ FREE TO WORK
Instead, I am just going to look for odd jobs around town: & are my new best friends to pick up extra cash when I am going out of my mind/savings too rapidly depleting. I mow, if you have a mower. I babysit. I clean. Etc. My main goals will be to think, reflect, plan, have fun, P90X and job search

Third, once July 6 hits, I can start a full-time big kid job (which means looking...NOW). But, I'm not going to settle. I talking a good salary, full benefits, something that won't make me hate my life. I'd love to stay in Oklahoma, I just don't know if it's possible. :o(

Cities where I'm really really looking & I would love to live there looking:
  • Oklahoma City
  • Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Austin
  • New York City
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • (Tucson) --> I know if I didn't put this on there, Jaymee would be sad and ring my little neck....
I'd also consider a couple of other cities, but not as seriously. I needed to rank things down a bit. Boston, Cincinnati (close family friends there), DC, Denver, Houston, Paris, Phoenix, San Fran, Seattle, Tulsa

Ranked in order of job availability pertinent to ME (most jobs to least jobs)
  1. New York City
  2. Chicago
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Austin/Dallas
  5. Austin/Dallas
  6. Oklahoma City
  7. Tucson
Ranked in order of how scary it be to move there, based on family/friends/my personal comfort level (most scary to least scary)
  1. Chicago/LA (I know no one)
  2. Chicago/LA (I know no one)
  3. NYC (I know Laura [Now do you see why I've wanted your "butt calls" to be real calls] & a few others)
  4. Austin (Lots of friends from high school)
  5. Tucson (Fisher family)
  6. Dallas (Walker family/lots of college & high school friends)
  7. Oklahoma City (Lots of college friends, home for the last 5 years, boy man guy I'm seeing)
Did you catch that? Yeah I let that little bit slip.

I don't know what to do guys.

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  1. such big things to think about!! its exciting!

    and i would LOVE LOVE LOVE you moving to NYC! :)