Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Pea in the Pod....or a whole f*cking watermelon.

I can't stand it when this happens.

Sunday night, I cleaned my apartment (to avoid working on my take-home final....). Monday, I worked on my take-home final ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT (including through the tornado). I turned in my final at 11:25 (due at 11:55), took a look around & realized....

The tornado started 3 miles SE of my apartment, took a sharp hook NW, traveled through my bedroom, then jumped back on its original route through eastern Oklahoma.

The rest of this week, I have done nothing about the mess, except fuel the fire. Again...I can't STAND when this happens. Monday night, Tuesday night & Wednesday night, I didn't sleep so well....and I think I just realized why.

Here's what I found (only counting stuff ON THE BED):
-5 pillows (completely normal)
-down comforter
-blue throw blanket that matches
-napkin (brown throw blanket that doesn't match but that I love more than any one possession)
-2 clutches
-reading classes
-bag on rawhides
-3 dog treats
-1 sock
-1 sweatshirt
-1 wifebeater/tanktop
-hair straightening spray
-1 comb
-5 pens
-2 pieces of gum
-1 headband
-2 sharpees
-monster screen cleaner
-computer lock
-handheld mirror
-makeup compact
-1 packet of slenda
-6 filing folders
-2 other folders
-3 moleskins
-2 Fla-Vor-Ice wrappers
-5000 crumbs
-1 Macbook Pro
-1 digital camera (used to take the picture, of course)
-1 iphone
-1 puplet

There was literally stuff in between every layer of sheets/comforter/blankets. I didn't even find the umbrella until I went back and looked a second time before posting.


I can't wait to clean my bedroom tomorrow (I cleaned all others tonight).

I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight.

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