Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Love ORB.

I don't know who else follows craft blogging. I get a lot of my "inspiration" from some really fantastic & creative women.

House of Hepworths turned me on to ORB. Oil Rubbed Bronze. Rust-O-Leum makes this AMAZING spray paint that has taken over my apartment. I buy it in the Universal All-Surface Paint version so that I can make everything beautiful with ORB. Apparently, I'm not the only one having a love affair with spray paint.

So, how great can a spray paint be?

Rust-O-Leum is top notch to begin with: fast-drying, even coats, etc. (BTW I'm also in love with their canned High Gloss Black oil paint, which is covering two major pieces of furniture in my bedroom along with countless nic-nacs). As far as paint goes, it's the total package. I've heard Krylon also makes a good (& cheaper) spray ORB, but doesn't adhere to plastics. Still good to know for certain projects in the future.

But, there is something about this metallic-y brown-black color in a can that has my heart going pitter patter and my mind going in circles.

My first attack was the potty-wipes box. Yup...wet wipes for your butt. They are great and useful, but the containers are less than to be desired. Add ORB. MUCH BETTER!!!

Since I needed a place to keep my scrapbooking paper, I bought a storage box at Hobby Lobby. It was black, which is a problem. It didn't match the rest of my office/living decor. Problem fixed with ORB.

Ugly white trash $3 can fixed with ORB. Love that this stuff paints on plastic, plus you can really see how it covers in large amounts here.

Then, my toothbrush holder broke :o(. Since I'm out of money (no job & too much orb), I bought the cheapest I could find, made beautiful by ORB.

Solution to hiding electrical wires/surge protector on the built-ins: peg board & orb.

Once not-so-great picture frame (odd wood color & gold accents...). This picture does no justice, but I love the way it turned out.

Then, I decided to get crazy. 12/13 years ago, my dad bought my mom a BEAUTIFUL set of candlesticks from Pottery Barn. Muey expensive-o. No-tarnish silver, or so They said. These things tarnish so quickly and so terribly....usually they would only get cleaned well a couple of times a year. My mom gave them to me, after thinking about getting rid of them, when I said I would keep them polished. Nope. After 2-3 weeks tarnish would come back. (BTW, I've heard PB has changed their silver since then to really not tarnish, so not trying to bad mouth them AT ALL).


I talk to my mom before doing this, which she gave me the go-ahead to spray paint her $80 candlesticks.

After about 10 VERY VERY LIGHT applications so that I wouldn't get any drips or bubbles, here are the fabulous candlesticks that I am lusting over once more.

Looking back, a primer would have helped, but they still turned out exactly the way I wanted them to! If I ever decided I wanted them silver again, I could get out the acetone, rub away, & find a fantastic silver spray paint, but I ain't polishin'.

Thank you, House of Hepworths, for introducing me to oil rubbed bronze. Now, if only I could get all of the brown metallic paint off of my hands....

ONE LAST THING!!! If you are spray painting in the Dust Bowl or Desert (this includes almost everyone who reads my blog...), spray outside first then MOVE IT INSIDE unless you want to sand in between each.and.every.coat.