Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some Things You Didn't Know About Me.

Tucker is allergic to anything that sprays: perfume, spray paint, febreeze, etc. It's so funny when he sneezes though!

I have a hard time making friends. I have an even harder time believing they want to be friends with me.

I'm really really really self-conscious....about everything.

My veins show through really badly on my on my right shin "dropped" and left a scar (which is so weird)

I may be short, but I have really long legs (ASK MEGAN)

Sexiest actors right now: Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper and holy moly Channing Tatum

Favorite Frozen Yogurt: Orange Tree (nope, I'm not changing the name) Pineapple with gummi bears

Favorite Ice Cream: Maggie Moo's Cinnamoo with gummi bears

Favorite Candy: Gummi bears, of course. And Dots.

Favorite Reality TV Show: The Biggest Loser

Best Websites: Stumble Upon, ImgFave, Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers (hilarious) & (currently) Simply Hired

Twitter Name: @alishawalker

Favorite Lustful Color: (this changes often, hence lust) purple....which I used to not like at all

Favorite Color to Wear: black. I can't help it.

Best Way to Fall Asleep: put the computer away and listen to the fan.

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