Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Things, Then Pictures

There has been soooo much going on this week! I'll try and catch everyone up as quickly as possible :o)

  • If you want to know more about the job (yob), I'll FB message you! I don't want to put it out there for the whole world to see!! I'm getting really excited about starting the 28th, though!
  • The project I have been working on all semester is going on RIGHT NOW! It provides journalism training to journalists from South Asia (Nepal, Pakistan & Bangladesh). We have 12 in town for about 2 weeks; while they are in Norman, I drive them everywhere. I even got a hot minivan from OU Transportation to fit them all!!! Most days pictures involve them because that's all I've been doing!!
  • The AC in my apartment broke. Damn it's hot. AC Service coming in the morning!!!
  • I have a lot to do tonight!! It's already midnight but I keep taking breaks because of the AC situation to sit in front of the fan, so I figured I would blog a little...
  • I found a new apartment for August!!! It's a 2 bed, 1 bath only 4.4 miles from Kirsten!!! It's a great location for work for me, a ton of space & a good price!! I love it!!!
Project 365 updates!!


Day 109: Lunch date with Tasha at Midtown Deli, then we went to Hobby Lobby!!! She and I both have peacock feathers all over our places (my apt, her house), & her wedding was peacock feather themed...we are united by this love!!


Day 110: Job Search Paper Link Chain goes in the trash...job offer, baby!!!


Day 111:Meet the journalists. We took them to the Stockyards, also to Target, WalMart (they love to go shopping...) & to an Indian food restaurant near Penn Square. Left to Right, in an effort to see how I'm doing....,Gul, Munni, Geti, Sama, Sweta, Pradeet, Sushil, Supriti, Roy, Huda & Jimi...that's TOUGH!!!

Day 112: Dinner at Dean Foote's house with faculty and the journalists! I worked for him this semester on the project.


Day 113: Tucker Boy is one year old today!!! His shirt says "It's My Birthday....Let's Pawty!!"


Day 114: I toured two apartments today & decided to call this one home for the next 12 months!!! There's the tail end of my new landlady lol.


Day 115: We took the journalists to the OKC Bombing Memorial. I haven't been since the year it opened when I visited with my church choir tour, so this was really cool to go back after being here for 5 years and now calling Oklahoma Home Sweet Homa!!


Day 116: I've never loved a pair of shoes more than these right here. Fake reptile skin, of course (have you seen the PETA video with Juaquin Phoenix about reptile skin? Don't.), but they were on sale from $80 to $25. I have a job now, so I can afford them. I spent the evening at a dinner party with the journalists, but I forgot my camera (tsk tsk tsk) & I love the shoes more.

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