Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Staying put.

The title for this post is not saying I'm staying put now....but I will be later!!

The international conference was a great success!! The journalists left Oklahoma this morning & I am stinkin' exhausted!!! I worked over 70 hours in 9 days, which included two.5 days off!! The money sure will be nice though......

After all of that, I drove to Dallas today to see my parents and begin a crazy two week long journey. I probably should have given myself a day off because I really could of used it. The next two weeks include (starting this morning):

Norman -->(car)-->Dallas-->(plane)-->Tucson-->(car...I'm nuts)-->Dallas-->(car)-->Oklahoma City-->NEW JOB STARTS-->(car)-->Dallas (4th of July Weekend)-->(car)-->Oklahoma City -->never leaving again.

Just kidding on that last bit. I will leave again, but I'm not going anywhere for a while. It should all be a lot of fun, but I know I won't be very rested during the weekends. I always end up feeling like I should have another weekend when I go out of town during a weekend.

That's all for now. Night loves.

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