Monday, October 4, 2010

Some 365 to Take a Break from Studying...

Still working on that 5-Day Maximum Upload for the next few weeks!!

BTW, I scheduled TWO doctors appointments today for next week AND worked on my Halloween costume for about 20 minutes :o)...and of course I'm working toward those Straight A's in between study breaks. #waytogome.


Day 221: It has begun. Again. (sigh)


Day 222: What a lucky day!!! Left OKC for Dallas! West End is always a blast for OU/TX :o)


Day 223: BOOOMER!!! OU/TX at House of Blues...and a "W!!!"


Day 224: On our way back to OK. Thanks for the traffic, @$$holes.


Day 225: Studying fiend. Midterms are awesome.

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