Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 25 (October 1, 2010)

The Friday of OU/TX!! Over the past week or so I’ve only been on once a day to check my emails and browse quickly. I’ve been so busy and so confused about Pete/The Hottie/what the hell I’m doing that I haven’t really wanted to make anything more complicated.

The plan for this weekend was to hang out with friends Friday, meet up with The Hottie in the West End, and watch the game with a big group of friends on Saturday.

I checked into my email on match that morning, and had another message from the “deal-breaker” guy (go back to Day 20), whose name is Chris. He mentioned that if I wanted we could meet up Saturday night after the game in Dallas (we had already hashed out that we would both be in Dallas for the game). He gave me his phone number in case I was interested. 

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I texted him my number. We texted back and forth that afternoon while we were both at work and throughout the drive there.

Though we got on the road later than expected, Kirsten, Preston and I got to Dallas around 7:00, checked into our hotel and went to dinner at Hacienda (yummo queso blanco).

Considering we had an hour-long wait for a table, I checked facebook on my phone. The Hottie’s status came up: “Dallas is a no-go. Decided to stay here for my last weekend in OK.” My heart sank, and I was angry. I sent him a snarky-but-not-too-bitchy text about not coming so that I would feel better about not getting to see him again. Then, I decided to just have a great time with my friends.

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