Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 9 (September 15, 2010)

I had a pit in my stomach from the beginning of the morning. I wasn’t excited anymore about these dates I had coming up. I thought PETE texted too much and would end up being clingy…I seriously considered bailing on coffee. Instead, I told him I had plans at 8 to put a time limit on things. I DID have plans at eight, but they were tentative.

Knowing better than to cancel, I left work 15 minutes early, fixed my hair and makeup, found something cute to wear (jeans, beaded top that makes my 32A’s look incredible & heels) and arrived at Starbuck’s at 6:02. He was standing at the sugar cart. My first impression was a good one! Tall, dark & handsome in real-life, too!

He gave me a quick getting-to-know-you side hug and I order tea. We sat in uncomfortable chairs as I kept hitting  against the wall art. We talked about our jobs and our families and our jobs…before I knew it, it was 7:45. We had completely hit it off, and I could not stop looking at his dark brown eyes. He asked bluntly what my plans were for the night, to which I replied (a barbeque). He smiled and admitted that he just wanted to know if I would give him a straight answer about where I had to be. Shyly, I confessed that I didn’t have to go to the barbeque. It was my “out,” even if it was an honest one. He smiled, understandingly. My only excuse was with a question: “What if you were terrible?” He wasn’t. He was fantastic.

We agreed the night would not be ending there, but couldn’t decide what to do. When, PETE left to run to the restroom, I pulled out my phone, and texted my two closest friends.

To Kirsten, I wrote: HOT

To Angie, I wrote: IDK if I’m coming to the bbq…holy moly hotness and adorable

We ended up at the barbeque together. Angie agreed he was attractive and I couldn’t get over how naturally he acted around me. I was completely impressed and a little surprised. We talked outside on a blanket, sometimes in groups, sometimes not, for about two hours. I didn’t want the night to end! When Angie had to run home for something, I told her we were going to head out. We hugged and she wished me luck.

Pete and I walked back to his car, talking about different hobbies and first-date stuff like that. In front of his car, mid-sentence, he changed directions completely, let out a “so…uhh…yeah” and kissed me. I kissed him back. Then, we kept kissing.

After coming up for air (it was only like 10 seconds, to be honest, but longer than the average first kiss), we drove back to Bricktown to have a few drinks. I ordered wine and he ordered a beer. Most of the rest of the night was a blur (it was a large glass of wine), but we talked at the restaurant for about an hour and then walked around town. PETE acted so natural. We held hands, kissed and walked for a long time until my feet hurt. We sat down, talked about our how each of our parents met, planned several other outings, then made-out like horny teenagers. Not one of my finer moments, but discretion was out the window after that huge glass of Cabernet.

Around midnight, we decided it was time to call it a night. Pete walked me back to my car holding my hand with the same arm draped over my shoulder. This is why I like tall guys. I wanted to be honest, so I told him I had at least one other date planned. I wasn’t going to cancel on David no matter how smitten I was after one date with Pete. We said goodnight, kissed a little more, and we were on our separate ways.

I smiled as I drove home. I found a guy and I liked him...and, I didn’t sleep with him on the first date, no matter how frisky I was feeling. Way to go, Lish!

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