Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm calling this my miserable post..."Miserable Post"

Now, before you run away thinking this is just going to be the mopiest entry ever, DON'T! It's not "woe is me and my life is sad and awful." It's more like I'm being pitiful tonight and I find it oddly amusing how pitiful I am.

In case I haven't mentioned it, I'm running a ton! I could almost classify as training because I have goals in mind.  I've got distance goals and endurance goals and race goals and speed goals and definitely some interval goals.  I'm totally enjoying running this much. It's something I've always wanted to achieve -er status at...not to say "I run" but that "I am a runn-ER." It's a process, but I'm well on my way.

The problem with me running is this: I have a bad knee that only ever shows when I march (marching band) and when I run. It's called Runner's Knee, or patellofemeral pain. In high school marching, I did an about-face and my ankle gave out. My right knee buckled and I felt a big POP (then me, my butt & my big 'ole drum were on the ground). A little ice and all seemed to be as good as new, but over time I had growing pain in my knee.  It got so bad freshman year of college that I could not walk up a flight of stairs. I'm not exaggerating. My chiropractor did some alignment work on it, after figuring out that I had misaligned some cartlidge and I've been trouble free since then.  Until now.  Can't walk without pain. Can't dance. Sure can't run.  Lots and lots of pain.

HOWEVER, I'm still doing all of those things and it hurts. I've been icing, but it still hurts.

Which brings me to tonight and why I'm so pitiful.

I went to the Home & Garden Expo show at the fair with my friend Tasha (after dancing all last night then running this morning) and did my fair share of walking.  I knew I would need to ice, but then I tripped on a pillow (it's a big pillow).

Big Pillow = easily tripped on.

I also slept on Bailey's couch last night and my back is sooooo tense, so I knew I needed either a $60 massage or some heat. Heating pad it is!!

But, I'm feeling pitiful and exhausted and my knee hurts and my back hurts and I'm just so darn sleepy. I feel...OLD.  So, (instead of anti-inflammatory pain reliever) I wanted some alcohol.  It would help with the pain and stop the moping. MMmmm wine.

But, all my wine that I currently have is unchilled and white (unacceptable)! I wasn't in the mood for beer, but beer's what I had and I don't drink hard liquor alone.  #justsaying.

BL Lime.

So, here I am in bed at 10:00 on a Saturday night. I'm mopey and miserable about feeling old and creaky with ice on my knee and heat on my back drinking beer and not wine in bed. Alone.

Not wearing any pants.

At least I have my teal slipper-sock things to cheer me up.

So here's the point.  I DON'T LIKE FEELING OLDER. I'm done complaining.  The end.

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