Saturday, January 29, 2011

Meet the New Baby!!

No, I didn't have a baby, crazies.  Nor did someone I know.  No, this is not a pet name for a new boyfriend or anything like that.

I crossed something off my resolution list.

That's right....I freakin' finally got a new car!!!

It's a 2011 Mazda3 i Touring. I LOVE it.


I know, you're not supposed to buy a car "new," but I didn't buy it.  I decided to do a lease...this is going to help me out of a bajillion ways, like leave me room to save more money every month for something "used" after 42 months. It will also reduce stress about not have a $350/mo car payment.  I'll actually get to keep what little bitty savings I do have.  With extra money, I can pay some extra debt off and actually start paying my student loans.  Even better, I no longer have to worry that the Civic is going to shake itself off of the highway any day now. I also don't have to buy new tires ASAP.

The other side.  LOVEloveLOVE.

This process started realistically in October. I test drove the 3 (liked it) and thought it would be too small for me to consider buying for the next 6 to 8 (to 10) years because of that whole "I want to be mommy" hormonal business. Still, I couldn't help but forget that the car was at my price point, fun to drive, very "me"...the 3 was on my mind frequently.  Earlier this week, I realized how serious it was that I get out of my Civic soon...sooner than I could afford a decent down payment; sooner than I would be ready for a $350/mo payment. Then I considered a lease...three and half years is a much more realistic time frame to be without a car seat in the back, so I had zero problem going into this fun and sporty car.

Such a good car for the last 6 years; but let's face it: she had a REALLY rough year in 2010. Two car accidents, enormous alignment issues,  muffler was toast, inaccessible oil tank (I could fill, but not change) & a missing side mirror.
On a lease, you basically pay a low monthly payment that is meant to pay off the most expensive chunk of the car's value. Realistically, you pay 30-40% of the car's value in order to have the rights to drive it for the term. They usually last for 36 months, but Mazda does them for 42. What's left over is called the residual, or the estimated value of the car after depreciation. At the end of the lease, you can either keep the car (pay the residual) or return the car.

Let me be clear: leases are a terrible long-term investment.  However, in the short-run, they are a great, low cost option to get into a car when you can't afford to buy it. This is great for people like me who are recently starting out, trying to save money, don't have savings and who need to get a new car.  It's also an option for those who always want to drive the newest car on the lot.

Now that that's all taken care of, here's the goods.  I got an outstanding, out-of-this-world deal.  If you ask, I'll tell you all the details.  Basically I came in with an ideal scenario...I walked out getting ev-er-y-thing I wanted, then a little extra.  I know I made the right decision for me and I had a really positive buying experience!!

I went to Bob Moore Mazda in north Oklahoma City, and Terry was my salesperson.  Terry was not too pushy, was very kind and did a good understanding my reservations to make a decision that night.  I stepped out a few times to talk to my parents, and they thought I was getting a better deal than they had expected. I also got a great trade-in on the Civic (40% more than I expected great) & a cash rebate back to help me out with paying some (credit card) bills.

My Sales Person, TERRY!!!  I actually drove it home and got everything approved on Friday night, but there was a problem with the leasing document, so I came back first thing on Saturday morning.
The Civic meets her replacement.  This picture does make me kind of sad, though.  Younger, better looking car replaces the loyal original.

I walked (drove) out in a brand new car that I love that has almost everything I could have dreamed for in a new car (minus a sunroof, navigation and keyless driving). BUT I do have the following amazing new features:

  • Bluetooth phone systems
  • Black exterior/black interior (exactly what I wanted)
  • An awesome suspension systems
  • Hidden compartment aux plus/phone charger outlet
  • A working keyless entry system (I'm easily impressed)
  • Power driver's window down AND up (really really easily impressed)
  • Optional manual tranmission (this is so cool)
  • Telescopic steering
  • Thermometer
  • Cuteness factor
  • She smiles...
    How can you not love a car that smiles back at you?
Anyway, I can't wait to drive you in it! I love my new car!!!

Now do I have to name it?

Check out that booty.


  1. wow!! congrats big girl! it is a beautiful new car!!! :)

  2. woo hoo! spicy noodle sounds like a good name to me :)

  3. Why does everything you name have to have noodle in it!?!?!?