Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just a quick update on meeee

I wish I had a better post for you, but this is all I got. I wanted to give everyone a quick update on how my New Year's Resolutions are going.

1. Run 365 miles: I feel like I'm becoming addicted to running.  So far, I've crammed in 15.5 miles as of January 15 (morning time & haven't even run today), so I'm on track.  I plan to be ahead by the end of this weekend because I usually run a lot over the weekends (even before I set the concrete goal).

I also experienced my first crazed runner idea this  week when I decided to go running at Lake Hefner on Monday (the day it snowed) at sundown (when it got down to 20 F with 20 mph winds and freezing rain). I got in 4.5 miles (then died).

I've also been spending some time on runner's world to try and get all the more into it, and I'm thinking about signing up for a race sometime this summer or fall.

I can tell my endurance has gone up significantly. On days when I'm not feeling too physically beat up, I don't get tired until after 2 miles (which is a pretty big deal for asthmatic me).  Overall, I've been craving running more and more, so I'm excited to see how the next few weeks progresses.

2. 12 books: I've been running during too much of my free time to read....

3. 12 recipes: This week I am making cream of mushroom soup (Julia Child's).  I had the cream of mushroom soup at Paseo Grill, which is fab-u-lous, so I'm hoping it's better than that!!!

4. Spend less time online: I have not been successful. I watch a lot of tv online (esp since I got rid of my cable package, saving me $50/mo) while I'm getting ready, cleaning, etc. and it's just too easy for me to get distracted.

I just found out yesterday that I can watch Instant stuff on Netflix on my iphone while I'm running on the treadmill, so I plan to take advantage of that (I love Dexter) more than a little so I can run on the treadmill and not get bored.

5. Date: I'm sorta talking to someone, but it's not any huge deal (as of right now). I refuse to let dating stress me outt. This is one resolution I don't mind putting at the bottom of the "priority" list and leave it completely omitted from the "things that cause anxiety" list

6. New Car: Still lookin', still savin'

7. I just realized I don't have a 7.

8. Photo blog: Not successful in the slightest. I think I should start taking my camera on runs. Lake Hefner is just gorgeous!!

9. Blog better: I'm blogging aren't I?

10. Better than last year: So far, so great!

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