Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365: Days 256 - 275


Day 256: These cats LOOOOOVE my patio...


Day 257: A kitten!! But, he's feral and angry.


Day 258: While I went to O'Connell's to watch the game, this is where I spent the majority of my day.  The SAD majority.

Day 259:The feral kitten is much nicer with his papa nearby!


Day 260: My favorite kitty is the siamese, a bit of a loner.  She waits for me outside my door most afternoons.


Day 261: delish little beauty of an egg...poached!! (I'm so proud of myself...)


Day 262: Coincidentally left the door open on a cold night when the kitties were on the patio.  Ooops


Day 263:RSVP to my office's Christmas first big-kid job Christmas party :o)


Day 264: My nice new neighbors asked me to move my bike (we share a patio) here it is.  Doesn't it go so well with my office?!


Day 265: At Logan's with Kirsten and Ryann after the game :o)


Day 266: I'm so boring. Such is the life of a grad school student.


Day 267: For the love of organizational psychology!! MMMMmmm I love grad school (not).


Day 268: I didn't even mean for this picture to be the picture of the day, but I realized that I spent all...freaking...night (and the last three days) at the library!! This was a really helpful chart that made writing go a TON faster for about half an hour!


Day 269: My new dress for the office Christmas party!!

Day 270: While looking for dress patterns in the McCall's book at Hobby Lobby, I came across this delightful number :o).


Day 271: The office getting pumped to drop a few last-minute pounds overall over the last weekend of the Biggest Loser competition.


Day 272: Kirsten and Brad came over to watch the game...I had steamed green beans for dinner dipped in a shot glass of Worchestershire sauce!! Yummmm


Day 273: Check out my new lamp!! I bought it ugly and brassy at a garage sale for only $1, then spent $3 each on a can of spray paint primer (I ran out on my last project) and silver pewter paint...$12 lampshade....$19 lamp!! However, I consider it to be less because I can reuse the paint, I was just out of both :o)


Day 274: In case I haven't mentioned, I love fall sunsets!!!


Day 275: I spent a quiet night in.  I left the door open because it was really nice outside and the kitties found their way in. DANGIT.  (I haven't done this since....)

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