Monday, February 7, 2011

I Made the Decision, Just Not the Timeline

This is not my favorite entry ever, but it's one that needs to be made.

In my New Year post, I talked about how I decided to make a big change in 2011. Some of you already know, but about a week before Christmas I got fed up with missing my family and feeling like Oklahoma just isn't working for me anymore.  I decided that within the next six months I wanted to move back to Dallas.

I've been really happy with the decision and was ready to move toward making it happen (finding a job in Dallas before moving, etc.) on my own timeline.

I really didn't want to run away from Oklahoma, though. I loved it here for the last 5 1/2 years.  I gave it a lot of time and nurturing and love and heartbreak.  I gave it more energy than some people thought it deserved.  All the same, I chose to live in Oklahoma throughout college and after, and I'm happy with that decision.  But, it's time to move on. I need a change. I need to be closer to my family (for me and for them). I need someplace better that will treat me well.  Maybe it's not the Great State's fault, but my time in OK over the last 2 years has not been gentle.  I guess I just got to the point where I felt that all of the crap is sign that maybe I don't belong here anymore. Maybe things aren't working out because they're not supposed to work out here.

I decided to wait until I found the RIGHT job in Dallas, not just any job.

Enter Snowpocalypse 2011 (The first one, not the one about to occur in the next 36 hours).

Our office was closed Tuesday with discretionary attendance Wednesday and Thursday.  Imagine my surprise when my manager called me at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday to talk about "changing my role in the company." What he meant was either demoting or firing me, depending on the CEO's decision. Immediately, I put the job search into overdrive.  I wanted to plan for the worst or at least have a backup plan to leave as soon as I could.

I was fired on Thursday over the phone (#tacky). If you ask me personally, I'll tell you more details, but not here.  I'm angry and frustrated and maybe a little defeated...but it's giving me a kick in the pants to be where I really want to be. On a side note, I have gotten overwhelming support from my co-workers who have such good friends to me over the past several months. I'm so thankful for them

So, at the end of February, my time in Oklahoma will be up. It's going to be sad, but I'm excited to be moving on to (hopefully) bigger and better things. I have exactly three more weeks left, a lot to get done, a lot of fun to be had, and a whole lot of jobs to apply for.

I'll be moving back into my parents' house (where my brother currently lives....REALITY CHECK!!!) temporarily until a couple of things are secured:

  • A new job
  • My credit cards are paid off (difficult when you have no new income...)
  • My savings are built up a little more
  • I find a new place that I both love and can afford (possibly with a roommate to share expenses)
On the short term, I plan to be there 3 months.  In reality (without a job), it's looking like closer to six months. I think the time there will be positive and I'll get to spend some quality time with my mom and help her out. She has fibromyalgia and struggles with most day-to-day exertions. With my dad traveling for work, I'd really like to help her out with the little stuff...picking up prescriptions, going to the store for her, running errands, etc....and continuing to do so after I move out.  This was a big motivation for me moving home in the first place. I'm also looking forward to helping my dad be more active (he keeps mentioning how he would enjoy biking and walking with me instead of alone).

So, yeah, I got fired.  But, everything is going to be just wonderful. I'm in a little bit of a pickle right now, but it's all going to work out just fine! 


  1. What i love about this post is how real you are, and how optimistic you are! you are truly taking this time to see the signs for an even better future - and i can't wait to see what the future has for you!

  2. Sometimes you have to take a chance to find what you are really meant to be doing in life- it sounds like you have a really good head on your shoulders and a good, solid plan. I know it is scary, but it is exciting too. :)

    Thank you for including Yoga Gal on your blog list, I was digging through my Analytics page this morning and found your blog. I am a new follower, I am interested in reading all about your new journey and adventures!