Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Great Week!

Last month, I couldn't bear the thought of being snowed in - again - during another Snowpocalypse for the second week in a row. I figured that going to Dallas would be fine and I could help my dad pack up his office (where I will be living in 2 weeks). But, last Monday, I looked at Dallas' forecast and it didn't seem much cheerier than Oklahoma City's.

When my favorite cousin Jaymee bugged recommended that I come see her sometime this month, I realized that the BEST time to be out was none other than the very next day.  The weather was gorgeous & I had the time off to spend with family. Since my dad works for Southwest, I made sure my passes weren't expired and booked a flight from Oklahoma City to Tucson & told Jaymee I would be there in 24 hours.


Freak out about traveling. Get cash to do laundry. Get change from money to do laundry. Laundry.
Watch trashy Netflix live plays. Laundry. Nicole's. Trashy reality television. Laundry. Clean. Nap. Laundry. Pack. Shower. Ab workout. Hair. Makeup. Will Roger's World Airport.

Traveling really stresses me out. I can't leave my place a mess and I spend too much time picking out my outfits. It's hard for me just to pick up and leave, but if I didn't leave early-early on Tuesday, Denver Airport may have been too snowy for me to get through.


Rush through baggage check. Rush through security. Check-in. Eat a banana. Get on board. Sleep. Wake up. Snowing in Denver. 1F. Denver airport for 3 hours. BRRR! Eat a bagel. Drink some tea. Sleep in uncomfortable chair. Get on another airplane. Thaw. Sleep. Wakeup. Sunny in TUCSON. Call Billy. Schlotzsky's. JAYMEE. Trynnity wakes up. Other kids napping. General Hospital. Nap. Prestton wakes up. Preschool kids go home. Big kids come home. Grocery store. Lemon Feta Chicken. Despicable Me. Pass out.

The flights were fine, but Denver was unbearably long and cold. Their heater could not keep up with the cold windy air flooding into the terminal. When I got to Tucson, I knew it was a great idea to enjoy the sunny weather! Jaymee, Billy & ate typical traveling food (Scholotzsky's....we always have it), while waiting for Jaymee's little ones and preschool kids to wake up from their naps. Trynnity was really excited to see me when she woke up from her nap, but Prestton was skeptical (as he usually is the first day). I felt extremely jet-lagged from not really sleeping the night before. Jay & I watched GH and spent most of the day relaxing on the couch! After dinner, I was introduced to Despicable Me, a favorite in the Fisher household.  It is also know as Annoying.


Screaming toddler. Cartoons. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. Preschool. Morning Meeting. Run. Nap. Snack time. Apply for jobs. Lunch. Preschoolers nap. General Hospital. Beads & gems. Preschoolers go home. Everyone plays outside. Ham & Bean Soup. Television. Bed.

Morning Meeting in the Desert Blossoms Preschool

Wednesday flew by!! That's about all that I can say about it, but I slept a lot from still being jet-lagged. Below you'll see Prestton and I playing with PhotoBooth :)

Prestton peeling and pressing stickers
"That Me!"
Love him!


Screaming toddler. Cartoons. Preschool Morning Meeting. Oklahoma Unemployment sucks. Valentine's Day goody bags. Trynn loves Chris. Prestton loves Bih-Bess. Gabe loves everyone. Brunch for Lunch. Nap time. Snack time. Afternoon playtime. Preschoolers go home. Pile in the van. Pick up Baylee from Jonathan's. Pick up Devynn from soccer. BJ's. Disaster of a dining experience. Home. Bathtime. Bed.

Baylee, Prestton & Jaymee

I seriously spent the entire morning on the phone trying to get my Oklahoma Unemployment finished up, find a  job & take care of some bills...what a mess!! I would periodically take breaks to hang out with the preschoolers, but it wasn't the same having so much "stuff" to do. Four o'clock came too early, then we were on our way to pick up Baylee & Devynn from their school (it's a long drive since they live in Sahuarita but go to school in Tucson).  Instead of driving back, going to the store, then cooking dinner, we decided that dinner at BJ's was a perfect idea! A snotty waitress, a wrong order, & two rambunctious toddlers meant it was not the usual fine dining experience, but we got to have some good talks with the "big girls" about moving to Dallas. Bathtime was after dinner, but the little ones still had a lot of energy!

Devynn, Me, Trynnity!
Prestton loving some caesar salad
"Don't take my picture!"
Could he be any cuter?
He won't let go of those cars for anything...
He thought it was hilarious that both of his legs were in one pant leg!


NO SCREAMING TODDLER! Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. No morning meeting. Run. Apply for jobs. Snack. Bake. Talk. Play. Lunch. Five bowls of Mac.N.Cheese. Naptime. Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. Button Cookies. Snack. Pile in the van. Pick up Baylee. Grocery Store. Country Steak. Tough Talk. Wine. Marley & Me. Jalapeno Cheetos.

Making Button Cookies

Friday's are nice and relaxed at the preschool...more like daycare than preschool! Jaymee and I relaxed most of the morning, but had a stressful talk about behavior issues in the afternoon.  Since Devy had a sleepover, we picked up Baylee & headed to the grocery store before going home to cook dinner.  Prestton was really lovey on me today (which I thoroughly enjoyed). We cooked Country Steak, a family fave, and it was out of this world. Jaymee and I drank some wine while watching Marley & Me...and I fell in love with Jalapeno Cheetos.

Trynnity helping to mix in the colors
He's so cool in my sunglasses!
Happy girl!


First one up. Breakfast. Job hunt. Feed the babies. Feed myself. Shower. Out the door. Volleyball. Taco Bell. Modeling. Headache. Soccer. House. NAP. Clean house. Ratatouille.  Cinderella. Tickle Fight. Sausage & Peppers. One Tree Hill. Bed.

That's right, he's two.  Awesome!

Saturday's are crazy! Even though there's no preschool, it's the most hectic day of the week.  Baylee had volleyball (won all three games), Devynn had soccer (I couldn't figure out who won...but Prestton rocked the soccer ball after the game!) &  Jaymee and I both passed out in the afternoon. That evening, we watched a bunch of mouse-themed movies followed by some trashy TV & an easy dinner.  What a life.

I fed the little ones in the morning before their parents woke up...I love smiling faces first thing in the morning!

Brighy-eyed & bushy-tailed
Pooped from a long day in the sun
The most exhausted of them all! With a sunburn to boot...

Tickle fight & PILLOW FIGHT!!!
I think Prestton won by smothering me with pillows, but he looks a little pooped!
There we go!

Devy-Wevy...I love how a young person's energy revives so quickly!

Kisses from Trynn.  Loves her.

First one up. Feed babies. Run 3.7 miles with Devynn. Clean house. Salsa. Bean dip. Red Velvet Cake. SURPRISE!! Phase 10. Fajitas. Despicable Me. Wine. One Tree Hill.

Hoon Balloon & Me watching movies with the kiddos

No lazy Sundays around here.  Jaymee knew something was up all week, but today was her surprise birthday party at the house!  We cleaned, cooked & baked all morning, then ate all afternoon. It was a wonderful time and was great to see my cousin Jonathan and my Uncle Donald. The evening was followed by even more Photobooth time, which the babies especially loved!

Jaymee hard at work on her own birthday cake! MMMmmmm Red Velvet.
Jaymee's friends Chris & Jill near the end of the party

He thinks this is way too cool!


Valentine's Day. Apply for SW job all morning.  Be on hold. Lunch. Disappointed. Emergency Bathtime. Grocery Store. Romantic dinner for 6. Saffron Rice & Shrimp. Valentine's presents. Hairbows. More wine. The Bachelor. Relax. Don't go to bed.

Trynnity...I love the pink & black skull hairbow!! But I hate that she looks like a big girl in this picture...

I had a great V-Day, but not in the way you would normally expect. It was great to spend the evening with Jaymee and the kids (Billy was working) before packing to leave the next morning. It was mostly just any other ordinary day, except the kids got presents after dinner...& Dev gave me a sucker shaped like a rose! So sweet of her! I didn't go to bed Monday night because I knew I had to be up at 4:00 in the morning, so I was pretty pooped the next day!

Dinner table set for 6!
Candy & Stickers for Prestton
Cupcake hairbows for Trynnity...and of course candy!
Not happy that there is a limit to the amount of chocolate he's allowed to have :(
I told her to freeze!
"D" & TaySwift backpack tags, plus soccer hairbows for Devynn
Monster Energy Drink hairclips for Baylee!
Happy again!

This was such a wonderful week!!! I always love spending quality time with Jaymee, Billy, Baylee, Devynn, Trynnity & Prestton. They are (hopefully) going to be moving to Dallas soon, which I am overly excited for (but scared that it won't happen).

Most of you know that I am obsessed with how great these kids are.  Baylee is a beautiful 12-going-on-13-year-old that is growing up too fast. She is definitely her own person with a wild spirit. Devynn (almost 11) is becoming more confident everyday & is Miss Independent. I love that she always seems to find a way to overcome obstacles. Trynnity is a rambunctious 4-year-old that would do just fine being an only child...I love her to pieces!! She is funny & wild & weird in all the best ways, but also very caring if she knows that someone is sad or distraught. Prestton is a happy & healthy (thank God) 2-year-old who is pushing the boundaries of independence and stubbornness. Jaymee and Billy are such wonderful parents to these kids and work so hard for them...thank you for raising four of my favorite people on the planet!!

And of course there's Jaymee.  Jaymee lived with us after she graduated high school. We were always close, but I think we overcame the 10-year-20-day gap between us because of this experience (even though I was only 8). I'm biased, but I think she is an amazing wife and mother who has given up alot of her individual time for her kids. I respect her so much for overcoming obstacles of her late-teens & eary-twenties & I think she has made an almost perfect life for her husband and children. I can rely on her to world's end.  She has always supported ME and has never let me down.  I love you Hoonie!! MOVE TO TEXAS!!!


  1. aw :) sounds like a fun family week! cute pictures!

  2. I LOVE YOU to pieces!!!! We had such a wonderful visit and it went by way too fast. I think it's the first time you have ever seen the daily chaos of our lives: ) You are such and mazing part of my life and I am forever grateful to be blessed with you! Keep the fingers and toes crossed that we find our way to the big D. oxox