Friday, March 18, 2011

Time for Change

Since moving back to Dallas, things have been a bit crazy.

I moved on Wednesday (March 3rd), had an interview Thursday, had an interview Friday, spent the entire weekend working on a presentation for an interview, had an interview Monday, a very close family friend passed away Tuesday followed by two interviews that afternoon (I usually shut down when someone close passes away, so this was difficult), interview Wednesday followed by a job offer, funeral Friday.

9 days: 6 interviews, 1 job offer, & a funeral in 9 days.  I've been busy.

Obviously, I accepted the job offer.  The company called me after seeing my resume on a job board, but the funny thing was I sent them my resume in December when I decided to move back to Dallas.  I never heard anything, but they had just hired a new recruitment staffer the week before! Lucky me :)

The company I accepted the offer from is a lot like my previous employer in OKC.  Same job, same product lines, same concept...but I really think this will be a better fit for me as far as how they structure their work. #Winning.

I don't actually start until Monday, but it's been sooooooo nice getting to relax for the last 2 months!


I've also been enjoying some quality family time....including with the animals.

All aboard!

I finally finished February's Meal-of-the-Month on March 7.  I made Julia Child's Boeuf à la Mode.  Basically, it's a roast braised in wine...AMAZING! That post is coming soon!

My dad got off work on bereavement leave for the funeral, but they pulled him from his entire trip last weekend...tough! I looooved getting to spend 4 whole days with him!

I've also made my room back home feel a lot more like...well...ME! It's made the biggest difference having a space set up that feels like my own with all of my stuff set up semi-permanently the way I like.

The west wall. This is the typical view as I walk in.
Oh, hey Tucker...I've missed you!

Northwest corner. Morning ritual :)

North wall & my Grandad's credenza.  To the left, there is my gettin' ready station.  Filing and sewing machine in the middle, desk stuff to the right.
Northeast corner.

Closet that only holds a 1/4 of my clothes.  I've also taken over the coat closet in the hallway.  The other half is split between storage and my suitcase under the bed.
Some of my shoes with my life-changing shoe boxes.

I could fit a lot more clothes in here without this tower to hold stuff....but it just holds too much stuff. (Bags/purses,  jewelry hanger, more shoes, workout stuff, etc.)

Laundry, which must be kept in the closet with the door closed.  Marley is the family's designated Panty-Snatcher.

East side...
Southeast corner

Better southeast corner

South wall. My nightstand is fully loaded 'cause there's only room for check out my new rug ($12 @ Hobby Lobby)
Southwest corner. My laptop exactly where it is 90% of the time.

Of course, there are a few things that aren't the way I'd like.   For one, take a look at this pic again.

What's missing?

No curtains, though the curtain posts are already drilled into the wall.  The rod isn't long enough & I need to pick up another one.  So where are the curtains? Domino is keeping them safe.

Alpha cat.


Then there's the empty shelf with only one picture on it.  Don't know what to do, if anything, here.

Lonely shelf on the south wall :(

 And of course, there's the pièce de résistance.  My dad was a big pheasant hunter in his twenties & this is his pride & joy.  My mom got it remounted & restored about 5 years ago as a Christmas present.  Dad's worried to put it in storage so it doesn't get hurt, so for now it's above the door.


It's definitely been a big adjustment moving back in a house with 3 1/2 (Ry's girlfriend is here a lot) adults when I've been so used to living alone, but overall it's working out swimmingly! I've also been continuing to run a lot, which is so much more fun with my mom's dog's company everyday.


I also gave up fast food for Lent.  Three pretty significant reasons why I did this year.
  1. I'm trying to save money & eat healthier. Money has obviously been tight given that I haven't had a job. Plus, I'm provided food at home for free (even though I'm the one doing the cooking about half the time.  There's no need to spend the cash on it.  I've also eaten terribly all fall and winter & my jeans could tell. I've really put a lot of effort into cutting out the crud since moving back!
  2. I haven't given up anything for Lent since high school.  I grew up in the Methodist church, where giving up something for Lent is encouraged for those who want to do so, but not really pushed for those who decide not to. Originally, I wasn't going to give anything up but I had a change of heart.
  3. I have been focusing on my faith a lot lately. I'm usually very private & quiet when it comes to my faith, but it is something I have found is more important to me now than it has been in a long time.  I put so little emphasis on spirituality during college and I have noticed a huge difference in my outlook  & overall happiness since I've been working on my relationship with God. I am happier and my anxiety has been at an all-time low. I am handling adversity & crises better than I have ever been able to. I typically prefer to focus on my faith at home through scripture, prayer & meditation. I've also had a hard time finding a church that I am comfortable in. I felt like giving up something as easy & mindless as grabbing fast food while out running errands would be a great reminder for me to thank God for all of the blessings in my life, especially the people who I love so-so-so much!


Finally, I decided to make one more big change.

Cut the hairs.

I had been thinking about this one for a few weeks.  Since my hair hasn't been growing despite fish oil supplement, biotin & prenatal vitamins (all promote hair growth!) for 12 weeks (including biotin for the last 9 months), I decided it was time for a big BIG change.  I really want my hair to be at the bottom of my shoulder blades ideally...but more importantly I want it to be one length (instead of accidental choppy layers created by damage) & h.e.a.l.t.h.y!

I've also been trying to phase out my bangs, but I love with them at the length they are now! It seems like they belong with the rest of my hair even though they are really long.  Funny thing is, my new stylist (Ludi) didn't touch 'em.

Overall, I'm really happy with my not-so-bobby new bob.  I wanted a mix between Nicole Richie cir. 2008 & Heidi Klum cir. 2011.

I think it was an absolute success!! I'm also really proud of myself for not backing out of a potentially scary situation.  I did have a minor panic attack when Ludi cut 5 1/2 inches of hair off the back of my head, but I calmed down by the time the shears were put down.



I hope you enjoyed all of the changes that have been going on since moving back to the Big D! I miss everyone in Oklahoma & elsewhere in the world, but it has been really nice being back home! LOVE!


  1. tucker!!!! im glad youre happy where you are right now. i cant wait to see you again and talk about your new job!

  2. Yeah for new job! So glad ALL my Walker family members are still alive. Room looks super cute (FYI I can't see the cute new rug very well, and PLEASE do something with that shelf; it's driving me crazy with 1 picture up there) and I LOVE the hair cut: )