Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Great Cupcake Hunt: Sugar Queen

Cupcake 1: Sugar Queen Cupcakes

Sugar Queen Vanillla

I was pretty excited about this cupcake. I needed this cupcake. 

First Impression: the pink sprinkles were a nice touch and there seams to be a good frosting to cake ratio.  I loved the little cupcake box they put it in since I needed it to-go, and the shop was cute!

Frosting: pretty sweet, but no salty...I like a little bit of salty in my frosting.  Good texture. Perfectly grainy, not too sticky.

Cake: almost perfect taste, but a little too moist.  I like my cake a little dryer.  Not crumble-when-you-fork-it dry, but right before that on a scale of dryness.

Balance: yummmm.  If I weren't so picky about how a cupcake should feel in my mouth, the full bite of cake and frosting would be pretty good despite the frosting being sweeter than my normal liking.

Aftertaste: none. boooo.  When the bite is gone, it's gone.

Price: $2.75

Sugar Queen is located in a mall that I shop frequently (Willowbend) during my lunch breaks, so I'll be back. But, it's not my perfect cupcake

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  1. i think i prefer mine more moist than you. yummy!