Wednesday, January 23, 2013



  1. haha at least you can find comfort in the fact that all runners experience the bowel issue... why can't our body just let us run?! haha

    keep at it - all these emotions will only make finishing the goal that much more of a journey and accomplishment.

    wish we could go on runs together!

  2. that's so awesome! you're doing a great job at this! how long are your "long" runs and how short are these "short" runs? just out of curiosity

    and i know about the digestive tract thing, not from myself running but because every time i would take boris to the dog park he would run around the whole thing come back and always poop. i asked the vet why and he told me the exercise gets your bowels going!!!

    but really good for you. i'm really impressed!

  3. Laura - can't wait to go on a run with you in a few weeks!!

    Brad - My short runs are currently 3 miles. They will be 4 miles in February, 5 miles in March & April. My long runs basically add a mile every weekend. This weekend 8, next weekend 10. I'm having to vary the training schedule only slightly because of the races, but here's a link to the schedule that someone (NOT ME) posted online.

    Right now I'm in the middle of Week 4.

    The biggest change I am making is adding an extra week in between Weeks 13 and 14 where I'll run 20 miles that weekend. Since this book is intended for first-timers, they really emphasize not overdoing it and overtraining.

  4. Going to Oklahoma?!?
    And I'm glad you're not constipated!