Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can't Sleep...this is odd.

So for the last month, I havn't been able to stay awake. Tonight, I can't get back to sleep. This is ridiculous. Can I not have a normal sleeping pattern? We'll keep in mind that my whole life I have require 9-10 hours of sleep per night to function. So here's the scenarios I'm thinking that may explain this:
  • I'm stressed and my body is realizing that forcing me to sleep 16 hours a day will prevent me from a minuscule part of the next 3 weeks: Graduation. (19 days)
  • Medication change. Old one: may cause drowsiness. New one: may cause insomnia. (Now before any says just get off of the medication, you should know that it is necessary that I am on this sort of medication. I wish I could and be just fine.)
  • I woke up unexpectedly and alert. I'll be exhausted again in an hour and sleep another six.

Anyway, that's not the big post thing. I went into Louie's @ Brookhaven (restaurant) and filled out an application on Friday. Ya know. Just in case. I do not want to wait tables for the next year. Or six months. This, I figured, would be my backup plan. Well, apparently they have eight girls graduating and leaving Nompton (all female waitstaff). They asked me to come back in yesterday (Saturday) for a second interview. I was there for LITERALLY 4 minutes. I told them I'm looking for a job still but I need something temporary until that job appears out of thin air. Manager says: "OK not a problem. If you find a job before you start let us know. If you're only here for a month or so, that's fine...we understand. Call us when you know a start date to fill out new-hire paperwork."

OK, let's be honest. I was shocked that she would just be fine with that scenario. However, I am relieved. I have a backup plan. I was WAYYYY reluctant to wait tables (in a college town, tips usually are poo. (Trynnity)). BUT. There are two Louie's locations in Norman: one is on Campus Corner and gets the heavy college crowds. The other, at Brookhaven Village, is not near the university. It's near the rich suburbanites that live in the VERY nice housing community (aka Brookhaven). So, I would be getting the more financially-stable crowd vs the I-hope-my-financial-aid-check-comes-in-next-month crowd. No dissing the college crowd, I'm just concerned about making ends meet. And, so not to have copious amounts of cash in my wallet, which is SURE to get spent on frivolous things (I rarely keep cash for this reason), my bank is in the very same complex, so I could (1) get off my shift (2) go to the bank (3) instantly deposit all bills (4) worry less about the cash conundrum.

SOOOO, I have a backup plan. I have a lifted weight from my shoulders. I am still looking (every day, twice a day) on several different job sites (monster, hotjobs, careerbuilder, hiresooner, ou jobs, norman transcript classifieds) to find that job that is right for me. I am not going to settle on a scam or secret shopping or telemarketing or google clicking. Not quite a happy dance, but no longer do I need to do the rip-your-hair-out-anxiety-attack dance either.

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