Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MacGyver & 365

I've decided to go to bed early tonight, but thought I'd blog first.

365: I'll get to it at the end.

This weekend was bleh.

Saturday, in attempt to justify not wanting to workout, I decided to go for an athletic walk. Not a stroll, not an enjoy the weather walk, no winin' n' walkin'. Problem: it was raining. Common sense kicked it & told me to wear shorts so that my pants wouldn't get soaked. It was also chilly outside, so I wore a hoodie, but I was attempting to raise my heart rate a little & mayyyyybe break a sweat.

I'm a silly girl, though. Sometimes I lock my door when I go on walks & bring my keys. Sometime I leave my door unlocked because my apartment is in a house so I think that automatically makes me safe (doesn't). Saturday I locked my door & didn't bring my keys.

I was also soaking wet from walking in the rain.

No problem. I have a spare key to apt in my car. Crap. The hide-a-key to my car is in the apartment because my car was in the shop. Fine. I'll pick the lock (yes, I can). Crap. No bobby pins or the like. It's okay. I can break in with a credit card (yes, I can). Crap. I don't have one. I'll just use cardstock from mailers in the recycle bin. Crap. They're all floppy from the rain/humidity. IT'S OKAY I CAN FIGURE THIS OUT BECAUSE I'M HANDY & I DON'T WANT TO CALL A FREAKING LOCKSMITH....SO I'LL JUST USE THE LID OF THIS EMPTY CAN OF FOOD TO BREAK IN. Nevermind that it's metal.

Don't worry though. I got in. I was basically MacGyver & used a food can lid to break into my apartment.

I did end up with FIVE lovely cuts on my hands from playing with sharp metal. I whined about it all night.

I woke up the next morning with a cold (stranded outside of apartment soaking wet in chilly weather for 30 minutes trying to break in will do that). I'm so great.

MacGyver should take notes.

I am now recovered from my cold/illness. I have quarantined myself in my apartment unless absolutely necessary because I am terrified that I will catch whatever stomach flu is going around. My body can't handle 48 hours of nonstop vom/runs. That was a really gross image, sorry.

Anyway, Project 365.

Day 50: Playdate with Jessica. We went on a walk & ate our body weight in Cici's Pizza.


Day 51: Yummy healthy dinner! Lemon baked tilapia, broccoli, salad & water!


Day 52: Sometimes, Pad Thai is the only thing I can think of & I have to have it. It's a little ridiculous, but my Aunt Kim & I think there is something literally addicting about the spice.


Day 53: Alex & me with Bandana Rana, a fantastic media activist from Nepal. This woman is truly amazing!


Day 54: Stacey marries Jeremy.


Day 55: I bought a sewing machine so that I can alter my clothes myself and make pretty things! My mom gave me the boxes, which used to be in our hall bath, & they are perfect for holding sewing machine things!!


Day 56: I'm sick, so Tucker makes it all better. He's being crushed under my legs & could care less!! (Good puppy)


Day 57: I'm still not healthy/lively enough to be in any pictures. This was a fun game to play with Tucker. I call it "torture the lonely puppy" :o(

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  1. wow! I am impressed with your apparent skills! and curious...

    what kind of dog do you have? i might need to get Tucker's cousin... too cute!