Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm going to be honest.

I'm not feeling the whole Project 365 lately. This may take a few posts to get done, but now that the semester is finished I am hoping things will be easier.

Maybe it has to do with this semester being crazy. Maybe it has to do with me thinking that nobody cares. Maybe it has to do with me being not so sure I should post what makes a day great.

I think it has a lot to do with that last one. I guess my concerns is that certain people need not see how or with whom I'm spending all of my time. (Not referring to you, though). Maybe I just shouldn't worry about them so much, but I am a very private and very self-conscious person (believe it or not). I worry about how others perceive me, maybe too much for my own good.

I'm also kind of boring, which is a big part of it. This was supposed to force me to be not so boring, but instead I just end up taking pictures of my dog (who lives alone with me in my one bedroom apartment that is spic and span and heavily decorated...) and our boring life together.

I also refuse to be in any picture when I know I look like shitake mushrooms. See above: very self-conscious person.


Day 58: Absolutely no fun today....still feeling crummy, statistics ALL DAY LONG!


Day 59: I could have rang his neck for this one. I was gone 5 minutes. This is when I realized I would now and forever more have to keep trash locked up in the bathroom.


Day 60: Guess who got sent home from night class because they couldn't stop puking!!! Then I got a call from Drake, who's car overheated in the Wal-Mart parking lot. He cooked himself dinner while I ate frozen yogurt, then I cuddled with the pup.


Day 61: I was so close to getting a really good pic of this squirrel. Scaredy-squirrel.


Day 62: Spent most of the day at the library working on research papers. This was right before leaving to go NMF it up.


Day 63: Norman Music Festival 3!!! Electric Six was fantastic, but I REALLY couldn't handle the crowd of people swarming around me so I left before Dirty Projectors. (Second year in a row that I leave because of claustrophobia as the headliners about to go on...sad.)

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